NetGear taking on Home Security with New Cameras

Published: Apr 29, 2015 at 08:48 UTC
Arlo camera

 Throughout the years, NetGear, which was founded in 1996, has been a leading innovator, among computer hardware developers. A majority of the company’s products allow consumers to connect to the Internet, with either wired or wireless routers.

In the last year, the company has taken a new approach, by developing a highly innovative wireless security camera, which was released in January.

While the company has put a great deal of effort into conquering the world of routers, it remains to be seen how well their security camera will hold up against the competition, but the Arlo is certainly growing attractive, by the day.

Below, you will learn about this new wireless security camera, which could very well become the base of any smart home.


The Basics

At first glance, there is certainly a lot to like about the Arlo. Its compact and sleek design is impressive, but the camera’s specifications are the real selling point.

Despite a small package, the camera is surprisingly powerful.

  • Totally Wireless
  • Compatibility with the Cloud
  • Motion Alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Weatherproof Design
  • 720p HD Quality and 130 Degree Field of View

The camera is impressive, but the total package is even more extravagant. The setup is overly simple and no computer is needed. If you’re looking for convenience, the Arlo may very well fill your needs.



It seems NetGear is relying on this aspect of their product to attract consumers. It is certainly true that the wire-free design is very innovative and advantageous for the security enthusiast.

Without all of the cluttered wires, the camera can be completely hidden out of sight. Do not forget about the convenient installation. With no cords, you won’t need to worry about drilling holes in your siding for an outside installation.

The camera relies on LR123 type batteries. This is definitely helpful, but changing out the batteries may become annoying.

Still, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage leaving your home vulnerable, which is nice. If chargeable batteries are your thing, you’ll always have this option, as well.


Motion Activated Notifications

It is imperative to know, when someone enters or leaves your home or property. This is crucial, since it is impossible to watch the live stream, at all times.

With the Arlo, you’ll receive notifications, when the camera detects motion.

Although many cameras offer this feature, the Arlo is capable of delivering notifications to your email or the mobile application.


Cloud Storage

The most exciting feature of this camera could very well be its incorporation of the Cloud Storage System. This type of accommodation allows the camera to seamlessly upload recordings to your free Cloud storage.

The free package allows the consumer to store recordings for the past 7 days. From “there”, these recordings can be saved to your computer, downloaded from anywhere, or shared with family and friends.

Of course, it is also possible to expand your storage and gain access to numerous new features, with a quick upgrade. Either way, with the growing popularity of the Cloud, it is likely that this trend will soon become the standard.


Perfect for Outdoor Use

Many cameras, which fall within this price range, are incompatible with outdoor use. They either lack the weatherproof design, fail to provide night vision, or require inconvenient cords. If you’re looking for an outdoor camera, the Arlo is assuredly a wise choice.

This device has been designed in a manner to ensure it is capable of withstanding Mother Nature.

Of course, it is the night vision, which is most impressive.

With the night vision view, it is possible to see a few feet, even in the darkest environments. This will most definitely add an extra level of comfort during the night.


The Applications

With the popularity of mobile devices, it is imperative for all home security cameras to offer accessibility through mobile applications. The Alro is designed to provide instant access from your iOS or Android smart phone.

Although the Mac OS and PC versions offer many improved features, the mobile version is more than sufficient.

It is possible to track and view up to four video streams, at any given time. You also automatically receive 1-gigabit Cloud storage, with the application.

From this app, it is possible to change settings, check the remaining battery and watch live streams. You can also access your notification library to watch the day’s recordings.


Place it anywhere

If you’re looking for something inconspicuous, you’ve found your camera here. With the Arlo, you have two mounting options. It is possible to use a tripod style mount, but the magnetic mount is likely more suitable. With this option, you can pretty much put the camera anywhere.

Once the mounting base has been installed with two screws, you’ll be able to instantly attach the camera. The magnet will hold everything in place, while allowing you to adjust the camera’s positioning for total perfection. This also allows you to hide the camera anywhere inside or outside of the house. If you wish to place it outside in a tree, this is definitely a possibility. The installation and setup are fairly simple and can be completed, within a few minutes.


Some downsides

With a quick glance, one would certainly think Netgear covered every aspect of this product, but it is not without flaw.

The biggest annoyance will certainly be the battery life.

When installed outside, it seems the battery loses a bit of longevity. This can grow tedious and expensive, when you’re forced to replace the batteries once a week.

Another problem with the camera is the lack of audio.

This may not be a problem for your specific situation, but it’ll definitely turn many away.


A Successful Introduction for Netgear

When attempting to determine whether or not this device is right for you, it is wise to use a home security system guide to help.

Still, it would be absurd to suggest Netgear’s Arlo isn’t a strong introduction to the home security market.

The camera is sleek, impressive and totally convenient. Throw in the wire-free design and the Cloud compatibility and the Alro could very well suit your home security needs!


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