A New Step in Home Security: Wireless Intercom System

Published: Apr 21, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
A New Step in Home Security: Wireless Intercom System

Safe and peaceful life is what every human being deserves and desires. In this article we will discuss how wireless intercom system can enable us to live in a safe environment.

In the old times, when people used to open their front gates without knowing and checking who is at the door, they usually ended up being robbed and even murdered. Or they had to accompany an unwanted guest. But those days are long gone. With the large number of benefits of a wireless intercom system for home, life is now more safe and complacent than ever.

Advantages of Wireless Intercom Systems

It Answers the Doorbell for You

Wireless intercom system for homes made it possible for people to answer their doorbells without actually going to the door. All they have to do is go to the intercom and them they can easily contact with the person at the door. If it’s an unwanted guest, he or she can be told to leave. Door can also be opened with the help of a button on an intercom, thus removing the need to actually walk to the door.

Communication within the House

If intercoms have been installed in more than one places; people within the same house can communicate with each other through the intercom, there is no need to shout out the name when wanting to talk to somebody who is in the other end of the house or is upstairs. This can be very helpful especially in the case of an emergency, disaster, robbery or fire. If there is an intercom in a baby’s room, this can come in very handy, the parents can keep an eye on their baby without actually being with him/her. So, a wireless intercom system not only enables communication within the house, it ensures safety too.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms have made it possible to see who exactly is at the door without even having to ask them. In this way one cannot reply and act as if they are not at home if an unwanted or least liked guest comes.

Adds Value

A wireless intercom system increases the significance of a house from the resale point of view. As potential buyers are also looking for a house with the most features, an intercom manages to attract them and as it is expensive, it increases resale value.

Some Disadvantages of These Systems

Higher Maintenance Level Required

Wireless intercom system is a high maintenance appliance, and special care must be implemented regularly in order to successfully maintain its performance and condition. Also, you need to make sure that your wires intercom system is not within the reach of the children who might like to play with it and end up destroying it.

More Expensive Than Wired Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom system is more expensive than wired intercom devices. The setup-costs and per month expenses make it a costlier option. However, since its performance is far better than the wired systems, most of the people these days are option for it.


If a person can afford to buy a wireless intercom system, he/she should definitely buy it. It’s a unique device that can help make life a lot easier and safer.

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