The New World of Smartphone Home Security Apps

Published: Mar 04, 2015 at 07:29 UTC
Home Security Apps

According to data released directly from the FBI, there are a staggering four houses broken into every minute in America.

With worrying figures like this, it is little wonder that home owners are now more than ever focused on home safety and security, spending a collective $20 billion on home security systems nationwide.

While these figures in themselves reveal the importance of home security to individuals and families, what they don’t convey is just how simple it is to control and monitor your home from any place at any time.

With today’s growing home security technology, any way in which you want to stay connected to your home, you can be sure that there are home security apps that will allow you to do it.

There really is an app for that 

Whether you want to observe the activity at home while you are at work or keep an eye on the place while on vacation, home security apps conveniently connect you to your residence directly from your smartphone or mobile tablet.

Home security apps work by giving you direct access to automation systems set up in your home. You can then control these systems remotely with an easy swiping of your finger across a mobile screen.

It really is that simple.

With many Android and iPhone home security apps available through Google Play and the iTunes Store, you can download the apps and then;

  • Activate and disarm your alarm system
  • Create arming schedules to correspond with your lifestyle
  • View access reports for doors, windows and other nominated areas
  • Monitor video cameras and watch live or recorded clips
  • Control locks, lights and thermostats

Your range of commands is limited only by the apps that you have on your Smartphone device.

Wireless security company apps

Even wireless security companies are jumping on the home security apps fast-track to remote monitoring and control of their security equipment. Companies like Protect America and ADT, for instance, produce their own proprietary security apps that benefit you as their customer because the apps are specifically tailored to work with the system package that you purchase from them.

Other wireless home security companies like FrontPoint Security have system capable equipment that is compatible with these security apps created by an external provider. This simply means that these companies forgo creating their own apps because their wireless systems are created with apps already developed for the purposes of smartphone connection. Of course, security is not an issue as your remote access points are all strictly password protected.

Popular home security apps  

Whether you want to ensure that your home is free from intruders or check on your new mischievous puppy, there are certain well-known apps that will easily ‘get the job done’ for you;

  • ADT Pulse Appthis app will cater to any of your web-enabled mobile facilities to which you can receive text or video alerts, adjust settings, and view video footage in real time. The benefit of being an ADT customer is that the provider now also has a voice recognition app for complete hands-free home control.
  • FrontPoint Security Appthis free app to control FrontPoint home security systems includes the most popular controls including arm, disarm and video feed functionality.
  • SMART Connect – the Protect America app that enables a range of functions within the provider security system, as well as control of their z-wave home automation devices.

These apps from the most recognized wireless home security providers really only touch the surface with what is available on the home security app market. You are certainly encouraged to investigate further the range of both free and paid company and independent apps that are also readily available online.

Home security made very easy

Thankfully, the days of needing to have ‘007’ capabilities or to bother your neighbors to keep an eye on your home are no longer required. Simply make use of the range of home security apps that are available and you can monitor your home situation directly wherever you are at any given point in time.

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