Next Generation Home Security with ADT Pulse Voice App

Published: Mar 11, 2015 at 08:25 UTC
ADT Pulse Voice App

All it took was America’s most well-known wireless home security provider to combine mobile voice app capability with their own technology, and the result for you as a property owner is a home that now listens and acts without fail to your personal commands.

While ADT has led the way for some time now with their Pulse automation functionality through use of its smartphone apps, it is their next generation Voice App that continues to impress as the way forward for security-conscious home owners looking for hassle-free and hands-free system integration.

What is the ADT Pulse Voice App?     

Recognized as the first of its type in smart home advancements across the industry, the ADT Pulse Voice App officially came to market in mid-2014. Taking remote home security and management one step further than had previously been in use through the company’s original Pulse app, the ADT Pulse Voice App is exactly what its name suggests; it is an interface that allows home-owners to check their home security status and initiate specific Pulse-based actions strictly by giving system recognized verbal commands.

How secure is the ADT Pulse Voice App?

Firstly, if you are an existing ADT customer, you can download the Voice App through Google Play and from the Apple App Store for free. The app will then function effortlessly on your 6.0 or later iOS device or your 3.0 or more Android smart phone or tablet. The app then leverages multi-layered verification checkpoints so that only registered household members can log into it.

The access identifiers for the Voice App include a secret phase, voice ‘biometric’ or authentication technology, and confirmed mobile device identification. This process ensures that if your mobile device is lost or stolen, access to your home security is in no way at all compromised. Conversely, when you have passed each of the required security levels, you can log into your Pulse system remotely.

Features of the ADT Pulse Voice App

The biometric authentication and speech recognition components of the access feature rely on embedded resources only, meaning that there is no reliance on cloud resources in order for your smart phone to action its tasks very quickly. This ensures that the ADT Pulse Voice App resonates clearly with the purpose of ADT’s logic in creating it; to provide gateway convenience to your home security and other products that are connected to your home’s security Pulse system.

Following is a list of things that you can literally ‘tell’ your home security system to do by speaking through your smart device to the Voice App;

  • Activate and disarm the alarm
  • Check door and window motion sensors
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • View your live video feeds
  • Adjust temperature thermostat
  • Confirm alarm status
  • Control appliances
  • Adjust light settings

With these capabilities, it no longer matters if your hands really are full or if you have forgotten to initiate a particular aspect of your home security. You can now cover your tracks with a simple no hands or manual intervention verbal command, and gain home security control remotely from any location.

Benefits of the ADT Pulse Voice app

The major benefit of the Voice App is to make your busy life much simpler and less interrupted from having to manipulate your home security components manually. Anything that you need to do now is only a voice call away. If you are sight-impaired, you also benefit greatly from the app through less on-screen interaction and by having practically touchless smart technology.

User experience defines the way forward

It is certainly no secret that people like smart devices and the apps that function directly with them. In a fast moving digital world, the ADT Pulse Voice App is just another way that this security provider is allowing customer needs to dictate what the market needs and their expectations for the user experience. With this in mind, the ADT Voice App continues to make the ‘smart space’ even smarter.

To ask more about this new app you can contact ADT by clicking this link or by calling 877-811-3616 and do not forget to mention the Promo code: A125330 to get their currently running best deals.

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