Now there is an affordable home security system for renters

Published: May 16, 2014 at 12:25 UTC
Now there is an affordable home security system for renters

If you are renting, then home security is a bigger issue for you than if you were the property owner. Unless the house or apartment you are occupying already has an alarm installed, you are unlikely to experience the feeling of complete safety as a tenant. Not only are investment property owners not particular about installing security at places in which they don’t reside, but renters typically accept the arrangement because the expense that would be incurred is not appealing to the owner. In this article, we will examine how you as a renter can now have your own affordable home security, and one which offers a complete solution to the protection of yourself and your personal assets.

Traditional security for renters

The traditional scenario for renters has been to obtain the most secure dwelling that is available during the time in which it is needed. If you have rented at any time recently or in the past, you would be aware of looking for apartments that are inaccessible from the ground level, or houses that have deadlocks on the doors, and secure locks or bars on the windows. You would possibly have looked for an intercom system, security screen door and lock-up garage, all within a decent neighborhood that offered a positive reputation with little history of break-in and burglary. In short, the absence of an affordable home security system meant that you were forced to live in situations that provided less than ideal safety.

Bias against renters

Burglars know the popular areas that cater to renters, and they target apartments in particular, knowing that in most instances the person renting the property will be away at work for most of the day. Renters have until recent times been at the mercy of luck as to whether they would return home to a ‘break and enter’ and have their possessions stolen. Most security companies would refuse to cater to this section of the community, insisting on communicating only with the owner of each property. They would insist on applying contracts that spanned several years in order to recoup the cost of their alarm installation, equipment and commissions.

Wireless security allows peace of mind for renters

Renters can now take control of their own safety by implementing an affordable home security in the form of a wireless home system. Companies like FrontPoint Security, Protect America and ADT now cater to the rental market, offering complete wireless alarm systems that answer the prayers of all renters who can install the system without concern of obtaining approval by their landlord or real estate agent. Companies that cater to renters offer a choice of different protection plans, ranging from basic 24 hour monitoring up to interactive plans that allow for monitoring by the renter from their computer or smartphone and mobile device. You may need to shop around for a company that provides a package specific to your individual needs. You should speak to the company directly, as some online recommendations incorrectly mention providers that still won’t accommodate renters’ security concerns, although the number of operators with this approach is dwindling.

Benefit of wireless security for renters

Along with pricing options, wireless security provides significant benefits to the renter. Installation is simple and fast, and does not require drilling any holes or adding wires to the walls. When you relocate, you can quickly uninstall the system, use its portability to take with you, then re-install at your next rental. No other security system is this cost-effective or convenient. The alarm can be used as an alert or notification to inform you of any visits by the landlord or inspection agency, and you can select which areas require protection based on whether you have a ground floor dwelling or if you are higher up where outside interference is less likely to occur. You will not need to install a phone line because wireless security systems are battery powered.

It is time to own your security and safety

It has been a long time coming for the rental market, but if you are a renter, you can now finally install your own affordable home security system regardless of your living situation. It is now as simple as contacting a reputable wireless security provider, determining your costs, and installing the system.

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