Wireless Security Camera Panasonic Blvp104wp Network Hd Camera

Published: May 07, 2014 at 17:00 UTC
Wireless Security Camera Panasonic Blvp104wp Network Hd Camera

We all know how necessary it is to have a good surveillance camera at our disposal. Thankfully, worldwide famous Panasonic thought of that and released the BVLP104 WP that works completely wirelessly. This is the perfect model for those who would like to know that everything is doing great with their properties and companies.

The Specifications

This wireless security camera is perfect for those who need to discreetly monitor what goes on in their house or even office. Its square like design is quite slim and easy to deal with. As soon as you get your surveillance camera you will notice it is quite easy to set up, which is also a very nice advantage. This model of wireless security camera comes in the color white which perfectly blends in the most different environments. With 30 frames per second as its resolution, users will be able to get the best of what is happening outside or even inside the surveyed area.

The Main Features

This wireless security camera records in HD High Definition in 30 frames per second, which means you will not miss a single detail. Apart from its HD settings it also counts with an anti-grainy function that makes images as clear as possible. The camera also counts with a light control mode that will adapt the camera’s sensibility according to the environment’s conditions. The camera also comes with microphones, which means users will also be able to hear while things are recorded. It is a great intercom camera since people can talk to the camera while the listener is somewhere else.

Users can also control from any smartphone or PC the tilt and pan functions of the camera. You can have it as an alarm camera that will notify you as soon as something seems wrong. The built in heat sensor is also perfect for those who would like to guard houses, offices or even stores. Users will also count with an 8x zoom and a face detector.

The Price

Although this camera is a top quality wireless security camera today, its price is quite good. In fact users can have this incredible item for as little as $270 dollars. It is indeed a very nice price for such a great item. You will never need to deal with wires ever again! It is wonderful price, especially because of the fact that this camera is a wireless one. You can find several surveillance cameras that do not offer this many functions for the same price.

The Bottom Line

As a conclusion this wireless security camera is indeed an excellent choice for those who would like to be protected and also to save money. It is possible to keep track of the places and things that are important for you for as little as $300 dollars! This is a top quality wireless security camera that has proven to be an excellent choice. If you are looking for a camera/ intercom that offer amazing features then this Panasonic one is definitely the right model for you.

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