A Few Pointers When You Are Buying Wireless Smoke Detectors

Published: Mar 19, 2014 at 18:01 UTC
A Few Pointers When You Are Buying Wireless Smoke Detectors

Most people have knowledge about wireless cameras and other types of sensors but they are often not aware of what to look at when buying wireless smoke detectors. A few pointers in mind can help people in buying the right smoke detectors.

If you want to protect your house from fire and smoke damage, you need the latest wireless smoke detectors for this job. The old wired detectors will be a big hassle, especially when you will need professional installation that causes a lot of damage to the walls of the house. Wireless smoke detectors are the perfect choice for any homeowner today since they do all that old wired detectors did and provide additional features too. Here are a few pointers that you would like to keep in mind if you are presently looking for wireless smoke detectors.

Find An Interlinked Smoke Alarm

You can now go for wireless smoke detectors that are interconnected with the rest of the alarms and sensors in your house. The entire system is interconnected so when other alarms start ringing the smoke detector makes a loud sound too. This is to ensure that everyone in the family and every corner of the house receives the alarming sound so necessary steps can be taken. You can find such wireless smoke detectors when you go for an entire security system from a particular provider. This way, if one of the motion sensors in your house starts to make sound the smoke detector will also make noise to let everyone know of the emergency.

Find One With Hush Button

Wireless smoke detectors have to be replaced after some years. Furthermore, you have to change their batteries on a regular basis if you have the battery-powered ones. As soon as the battery of the detector reaches a critical level you will start hearing chirping sound. It is best in this scenario that you go for wireless smoke detectors with hush button so you can stop the chirping sound of the alarm. The same button is also used when the detector starts ringing the alarm and you have to stop it from making the loud noise. With just one click the button hushes your alarm.

See The Warranty Label

No matter how famous the company is you are buying your wireless smoke detectors from, always look at the warranty of the detectors. This rule doesn’t apply to smoke detectors only. You should look at the warranty when buying any product. If you didn’t know, wireless smoke detectors come with warranties as impressive as 10 years. If you are able to get detectors with a 5-year warranty you are looking at a good deal here. Warranties less than 5 years are not what we will recommend you to go for when buying wireless smoke detectors.

Go For Combined Solutions

Improvement in wireless technology has made things easier for everyone and now you can get wireless smoke detectors with additional capabilities such as detecting fire, heat and carbon monoxide. Wireless smoke detectors that have the features of detecting carbon monoxide and heat will be a bit more expensive but they are worth the extra money. Such high-end smoke detectors are also equipped with the “voice” technology that tells you whether you are being alarmed for the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. With this particular feature you can take the necessary actions as soon as you hear the alarm instead of inspecting and looking for smoke in the house.

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