Problems Often Encountered When Installing a Wireless Security System

Published: Mar 28, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
Problems Often Encountered When Installing a Wireless Security System

Every year, there are thousands of system-secured homes being robbed around the world. Let’s see how wireless security systems make us more secured.

When Wireless Security Systems Don’t Work

Every year millions of unsecure homes around the world are robbed. More than 10% of these robberies take place, not because of an error in the security system but due to improper installation and usage of the hardware. Thieves more often than not are naturally looking for residences without a security system. This is why; many people often take the step of installing a wireless security system at their home. However, such preventive measures sometimes prove to be ineffective. This is often not due to an error in the security system itself but occasionally the result improper usage or installation of the device.

Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes in the installation and usage of a wireless security system, which prevents it from protecting our homes. If these areas are taken into consideration, a better use of security systems can be benefited from.


One of the most common reasons for the dysfunction in a wireless security system is the improper installation of the hardware. Even the best of alarm systems will be useless if improperly placed. The control panel of the device should never be close to the window as the burglars can easily deactivate it on sight. It is also not recommended to install the alarm near the control panel because a burglar can easily hear where the sound is coming from and attempt to stop it. Another important part of the installation of a wireless security system is the proper placement of the movement detectors. This way you are determining the range of the alarm as it were and big unattended spaces are something to be avoided. If you are not sure how to install the system hiring professionals is always the better option as they will make sure not to leave any blank spots in the range of the system

Improper usage

After you have installed your wireless security system, it is compulsory that you take some time to understand how the device works. The reason some alarms are not able to do their job is get this, because their owners fail to activate them. In the beginning, people are naturally not used to the idea of turning on the alarm when they go out the door. It is very important that you remember to turn the system on even if you are going to pick up some milk from your local food store. This way you will develop the habit of actually using your security system so that if it has to act you had not forgotten to turn it on.

Make Sure Your System Is Installed Properly and Being Put to Proper Usage

These are some of the most common mistakes which occur with the usage and installation of a wireless security system. Picking out the best and most expensive alarm system is not enough to ensure the safety of your home you have to make sure it works. Every reliable store offering security hardware can direct you to the IT department that you can consult if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your new wireless security system.

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