The Pros And Cons Of The Best Wireless Security Systems

Published: Aug 12, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
best wireless security systems

Throughout the country, there are thousands of homeowners that have considered investing in one of the best wireless security systems. These individuals are holding off, due to a number of factors and this could lead to disaster in the future. There is always a possibility of a theft or burglary and failing to invest in a security system is leaving your home unprotected. Below, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of wireless security systems, so you can see that the minute cons are substantially overshadowed by the pros.

The Cons

Although wireless security systems can be very helpful, homeowners will always be able to find reasons not to make the purchase. Some of the most common excuses will be listed below.

• They’re expensive
• Nobody wants to pay a monthly fee
• The use and interface is simply too difficult
• The homeowner doesn’t have the time to deal with another company and installation tech
• They’re ineffective and unnecessary

Initially, these may seem like good excuses, but they’re not. Each of these misconceptions will be shattered, by examining the related pros below.


One of the biggest pros associated with new security systems is the fact that they’ve gotten tremendously less costly. Not only have the cameras gotten more affordable, but also the professional monitoring companies have lowered their prices. In fact, companies, such as Frontpoint Security, are now offering to dramatically reduce the costs for consumers, who are willing to enter into a 3-year plan with the company. Other cameras have absolutely no monthly fees, so the expensive excuse can no longer be used!

Simply Too Difficult

Many people are not tech savvy and they’re afraid they will not be able to install or operate the camera. In the past, this may have rung true. However, newer cameras are entirely user-friendly. As long as you’re able to utilize the apps on your smartphone, you’ll be able to easily access your camera’s settings, stream and recorded videos. The installation process isn’t much different and most individuals will be able to pull it off within minutes and without a service call. Even if you’re not familiar with electronics and computers, you’ll be able to pick it up with a little bit of persistence.

They’re Ineffective

Despite security cameras being utilized to capture thousands of burglars and other criminals throughout the years, some consumers still believe that they’re ineffective. Due to some of the highly innovative features of new cameras, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past, cameras relied on someone sitting around and watching the footage or rewinding it and watching it at a later time. This is no longer the case. Security cameras are now capable of sending out alerts, whenever they detect motion. This helps to guarantee that a criminal’s activity is captured, whether you’re hundreds of miles away or sleeping in your bed.


There are many excuses, which can be made to avoid the purchase. Of course, the majority of them are misconceptions and failing to properly secure your home could prove to be a vital error. Now that you’ve learned this first hand, it is time to make the right choice and better protect your family, home and other belongings!

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