The Protect America Interactive App – SMARTer Than Most

Published: Feb 25, 2015 at 08:14 UTC
Protect America Interactive

Protect America believe so much in home security that they not only developed the SMART Connect Interactive App for this purpose, but they took to the streets after its creation to spread the word about it.

That’s right, they promoted the Protect America Interactive App by being interactive themselves, and they displayed to the public at the SXSW Interactive Film and Music day just how the app can interact and be used with Android and iPhone smart phones.

There are no points then for guessing just what the purpose behind this app is all about. If you said fast and easy home control, then you are absolutely correct. Dig a bit deeper though, and you will find that the Protect America Interactive arms you with home automation, energy control, and live video visual with simple push button technology.

Why the SMART Interactive App?

Perhaps a more relevant question would be ‘why not?’

Protect America has long been a recognized pioneer in the wireless home security market, so it only makes sense that they would lead the way in technological advancement for home security and automation.

Launched in 2013, the Protect America Interactive App does exactly as its name suggests; not only does it allow you to interact remotely with your wireless alarm system, it enables the essential and desired components of your house to ‘speak’ with each other, so that they function responsively together upon your command from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Now you can see why this app is both interactive and SMART.

How the Protect America Interactive App works

This app is as easy as it is SMART to put into use, and is yours from Protect America when you purchase their cellular security system.

This app truly brings to you palm in the hand technology, and it provides you with a high-expertise portal that becomes accessible to you as soon as you install and configure the app via the provider’s website.

From this point, you establish your application password to begin receiving a phone and an email alert notification, if that’s how you configured it. The choice is yours.

The impressive result that this app commands over similar advances from competitors is that the Protect America Interactive notifications are instant; you won’t experience any lag times with this system.

Features of the SMART App

The Interactive App provides all that you would expect from SMART technology. This app will;

– Arm and disarm your home security system remotely

– Provide text and email alert notifications

– Integrate with z-wave technology to control and automate lighting

– Allow you to manage your energy usage

– Enable control of door locks

– Systemize security cameras for live video viewing

Of course, all of these features are controllable from any location with your wireless system and all from the convenience of your mobile or hand-held smart device.

Benefits of using the Protect America Interactive App

This app is one of those enhancements to our lives that comes along only so often, but is so practical that the features of the technology are benefits in and of themselves.

While Protect America has long been known for its dedication to providing accessible home security solutions for family on all budgets, this relatively new app provides for those who take advantage of it, the true safety and security of power in their pockets.

For a society of home security and automation enthusiasts who want it all without any of the hassle, this app certainly offers a giant step in that definite direction.

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