Protecting Your Home during the Holidays

Published: Mar 20, 2014 at 10:54 UTC
Protecting Your Home during the Holidays

It’s the time of the year when everyone is planning holidays. It’s time to celebrate with your family which usually turns into an outdoor trip and that gives an opportunity to the bad guys to sneak into your home. But you are not alone. Everyone going away for holidays has the same concern and thanks to technology, there is an easy way out. You can prevent holiday home break-ins by installing wireless home security systems. If someone enters your home, a signal will be sent to a central system in addition to loud alarms that will warn your neighbors. What makes these security solutions really special is that you can monitor your home even when you are away using your mobile or laptop.

Having wireless home security systems will make your home safe when you are away but there are many additional measures that you can take to ensure your security is never violated.

Activate alarm system

Wireless home security systems are probably the first thing that you’d want to install when planning to go away for vacations leaving your home exposed to burglars.If you have already installed such system,make sure it’s active and working properly before you leave your home. You can also hire monitoring company to monitor your house during the days you are out of town but that would be expensive and less convenient. Using an alarm system with central monitoring will prove to be more effective and cheaper in the long-term.

Show security signs

Display some security signs in front of your house and check that they are viewable by strangers. Robbers will think twice before selecting your house which is protected with some sort of security system. You must put such stickers on windows, doors, and at the back side of the house to make sure that a sticker is visible from every side of the home.

Turn lights on

Before leaving, turn some lights on including your living room, backside and front side to show that someone is present in the house. You can also turn these lights on and off through your Smartphone if you have the related system installed in the house.

Turn music on

Turn music on? Yes, it will keep the burglars away because they think that there is someone in the house. You can turn on your TV before leaving the house to show that there is still someone in the house. With majority of modern wireless home security systems installed, you can just on music or TV from any location using your mobile or laptop.

Don’t share your plans

If you check the track record of robberies, you will notice that majority of incidents happen because someone knows that the house is empty and residents are away. Ideally, you should not let anyone in on your vacation plans except the people whom you trust and would want to watch out for unwanted entry into your home.

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