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Published: May 02, 2015 at 08:00 UTC
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It is estimated that 250 million emergency calls are placed each and every year. Unfortunately, a majority of these deliver incorrect information to the authorities. This leads to approximately ten thousand deaths. It is certainly true that a new innovation is needed to help improve the very flawed 911 system.

Now, there is a new mobile application, the One-Touch-911, which may be able to save your life.

Below, you will learn all about this helpful application and its creators.


The RapidSOS One touch 911 app Team

This team, which is made up of engineers and entrepreneurs, witnessed the failure of the 911 system. They decided to team up and develop a new application, which could potentially improve the existing system.

These innovators have attended top colleges including Harvard, Yale, MIT and Columbia.

Michael Martin and Nick Horelik founded the company, RapidSOS, which designed the One-Touch-911 application.

They sincerely hope that their new application will be able to decrease the number of deaths, due to ineffective 911 calls.


The App’s Design

Overall, the mobile application’s design is totally basic. Everything is simplified down, in order to make use easy. When the application is opened, your screen will display three large buttons.

Depending on your emergency, you’ll be able to instantly select the appropriate button.

There is an option for

  • Fires
  • car crashes
  • medical complications
  • One to alert the police.

The setup is effective. You don’t want to be forced to push a lot of unnecessary buttons, during an emergency.

With this app, this will not be a problem.


Transmitting Data

An assortment of helpful information can be transmitted to the appropriate authorities.

It is possible to preprogram the app with your specifications. For instance, you can submit your blood type, allergies and health ailments.

Your name and personal information can also be added. When you push one of the buttons on the app, all of this data will be sent to the authorities, but this isn’t all. The phone’s GPS coordinates will also be delivered to the emergency services. This ensures that they’ll be able to get to your location quickly.

  • Your Name
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Health Ailments
  • Allergies
  • Photos and Videos

Of course, the application can also notify other individuals. If you wish to make your family members aware of the situation, the app can pull it off. Not only will it alert them of the problem, but also it’ll provide them with updates. This can help put their mind at ease.


Photos and Videos

Most mobile phones are equipped with cameras. This adds an extra layer of convenience to the application. It allows the user to take and transmit photos and videos to the appropriate emergency services.

This can be tremendously helpful in the event of a car crash.


The Application’s Capabilities

It is imperative to ensure that you can access the authorities, at any time. If you’re roaming or missing a signal, you still need that added security.

A new innovation is added to ensure that this is always possible. The application can roam and piggyback onto another phone network.

This allows the call to be placed, regardless of location. Many phones are already equipped with this feature. Still, there is another option. It is also possible for the application to use a Wi-Fi network to place the call.

  • Phone Network
  • Wi-Fi
  • Roam Onto Another Network

If you happen to travel abroad, the application will remain effective. It can be utilized in 135 countries. If a three-digit emergency number is available, this application will be able to use it. This is tremendously helpful for those, who travel for business or personal reasons.


No Need to Speak

In the event of an emergency, you may not be able to communicate effectively. With this application, this will not be a problem. The application transmits all required information. Just push the designated button and the appropriate authorities will be on the way.


Conclusion and Future

At the moment, the future of the application remains unknown. They’re expected to begin testing in Texas next month. At the same time, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help expand the application globally. From the information provided, it appears users will need to upgrade to receive additional features. A yearly fee may very well turn some individuals away. Still, the application could save your life. By coupling this addition with the ADT Pulse Voice App, you could have total security anywhere you go. This will influence some to put money towards added security.

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