Is There Really A Need Of Wireless Smoke Detectors?

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 03:59 UTC
Is There Really A Need Of Wireless Smoke Detectors?

Even with all their great benefits some people can still be confused if it’s really worth buying wireless smoke detectors. It is not only worth but crucial to have wireless smoke detectors in the house, offices and other commercial settings for many reasons.

People understand the importance of security but quite often they don’t take the necessary measures to secure their homes and living places. Wireless smoke detectors have been known for their great benefits but some people would still think if they are really worth buying. The truth is that they are not only worth buying but extremely important for residential homes, commercial buildings and even places that are under construction. Here are some of the reasons why one must have wireless smoke detectors installed in the house and commercial buildings.

Their Service Is Priceless

For most part of their life the wireless smoke detectors might go unnoticed but you will understand their real value once you see them delivering their priceless services in the time of need. Smoke is dangerous for your health and fatal for any living being. Knowing about smoke in the house or a building too late can cause serious damage to the property and lives of the people who are in the building. Wireless smoke detectors can greatly help in such distressful situations and save lives. Not to mention, they don’t cost much so their monthly costs won’t be a big shock when you calculate your yearly energy bills.

They Save The Precious Moments

One of the most important things about fire and smoke emergency is that people must be informed of their presence within seconds of their occurrence. Even a delay of 5 seconds can cost lives regardless of whether it is a residential house or commercial building. Wireless smoke detectors are a big help in this scenario. Instead of waiting for someone to go in the affected section of the building and smelling the smoke, it’s best to let the wireless smoke detectors do their job. They will inform you of any smoke in the building instantaneously, even if the smoke has just started and is nearly invisible to naked eye.

They Have Become More Reliable

A big problem with the old smoke detectors was that they were not interconnected. This absence of interconnectedness made them useless at the most critical times. A smoke detector in the basement not interconnected with smoke detectors in the house would only ring an alarm when it detected smoke in the basement. Now the interconnected wireless smoke detectors are the most intelligent smoke detectors you can get. These wireless smoke detectors are interconnected so if the smoke detector on the first floor of your house rings an alarm due to the presence of smoke, other detectors will also start ringing so you never miss the siren.

Their Maintenance Is Convenient

Maintaining the new wireless smoke detectors is easier than ever now. These detectors come with a test button so you can always check without alarming other people whether your smoke detector is working or not. Most wireless smoke detectors now come with a small compartment that can be easily opened and closed to change the batteries. They make a chirping sound to inform you when the battery is low or you can get a notification on your smartphone. Without removing and unplugging any wires, you can dismount the detector from its place, change the battery and put it back in its place. In short, most of the work can be done on DIY basis and without requiring any difficult tasks to be done.

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