Reasons for Using Wireless Alarms

Published: Apr 02, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Reasons for Using Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms have become the choice of homeowners for securing their homes because they are useful in a wide variety of ways.

When people are trying to come up with ways through which they can secure their homes, the first idea that pops up into their mind is to use burglar alarm systems for keeping the intruders out. These are basically classic pieces of security equipment and they have proven to be a highly effective thief deterrent. However, security systems have developed over the years and technological development has led to the introduction of wireless alarms. A fantastic level of protection is provided by this form of security system and they also have some features that make them a better choice as opposed to wired systems. There are several reasons why people opt for these alarms.

Easy to Fit:

Even if homeowners decide to get the top brands, they will discover that wireless alarms are not as expensive as they are made out to be. The ease of installation they offer is one of the best features of these particular alarm systems. As they run with wireless receivers rather than large cables, there is no need to drill holes in your walls for the cables to run through. This simply means that homeowners don’t have to call a professional installer and can undertake the installation task and process on their own. Apart from that, in wired systems, drilling can become a very tricky issue when there is unusual construction or the home has thick walls.

Big Range:

It is also a good choice to use wireless alarms when people need to cover a large property because most of the systems offer amazing ranges of hundreds of feet. Therefore, these systems are ideal for properties where wired systems would turn out to be very costly and messy to install.

No Electricity Needs:

One of the basic reasons why wireless security systems have become preferable by homeowners is that this system does not rely on the electrical supply to make it work. This means that even when there is an electrical supply problem or a power outage, people can remain fully protected.

Portability and Expandability:

Because of the lack of wires and the way that the various components of the security system interact with each other, it is quite simple for homeowners to expand wireless alarms. This is immensely useful if people have a restricted budget and can only cover part of their homes initially. Later on, they can simply add onto the system. Also, this is useful when people have plans of expanding their property in the future. Homeowners are offered a great deal of flexibility when they wish to change the areas that are covered by the system. In addition, when people decide to move or change homes, they don’t have to leave their security system behind as it is completely portable and can be taken wherever you go.


There is a misconception that wireless alarms are less reliable as compared to their wired counterparts. An outstanding degree of reliability and performance is offered by these security systems, making it the top choice for homeowners. Hence, people can rest assured when they use wireless security systems for protecting their homes as there are a lot of reasons why this is a good choice.

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