Remocam – What Makes It So Special?

Published: Jul 12, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

With all the competition in self-monitoring security cameras, what does make Remocam stand out from all the others? For starters, the very design of this little camera reminds us of BB-8 (the adorable android soccer ball that replaced R2 D2) as it sits on its perch, watching over your property.

The device gives you the impression that it’s going to jump off the stand, roll around on the floor with its IR LEDs glowing some glorious rainbow assortment of colors and start directing all of your home electronics.

Uh… that’s almost what it does!

Well, it doesn’t jump off the stand and roll on the floor.

And the sensors don’t actually emit rainbow light but the device does have the capability of directing all your electronic equipment (with your help,of course).

In short, you can control everything remotely.

And, yes, it works!

The company calls this “little guy”— the first camera that has brought the Internet of Things to security surveillance—one of the reasons it’s considered as one of the best home security cameras for self-monitoring.


 What Are the Top Features of REMOCAM?


While all the other cameras in our list of bests touts a 1050 pixel quality, Remocam (let’s call him Remo for short?) enters the turf with  a mere 750 pixel HD pixels.

Unfortunately, the image quality suffers a bit for it … not much but definitely noticeable in night vision mode.


We set the parameters for all comparisons to “indoor” cameras exclusively since most of us will use a security camera inside our home more than outside where wiring and protecting the electronic components may require professional help.

Field of View

RemocamSit down before you read this part!

Because of its remote panning ability, this camera ends up offering a 335 – 365 degree field of view. Every verified buyer on Amazon was amazed by this feature, as the majority of users place the camera in a location where more than one room could be observed.

And, since the view is not static, you’re not stuck with narrow field of view.  Just touch the arrows to move the camera around the room – side to side as well as up and down.


 Pan, Tilt, Zoom

As we explained, the device offers 335* degree pan feature, plus a 95* degree tilt feature and a 3X digital zoom capability for your viewing pleasure.

Night Vision and Live Streaming

RemocamThe night vision is comparable to Piper NV – not exactly movie quality, though. On the other hand, the live streaming is better than any other product on similar price range. You may be offered up to 12 frames. And, the quality of the video during daylight hours is on par with the best.

As you can see, the quality isn’t horrendous but it’s not ready for recording movies to go on Netflix. But, admittedly, we’ve seen worse in some of the cameras that made our list. Still, there is a lack of strong detail. If there was a person in this frame, the quality is good enough to be able to identify him/her separately from anyone else.

The live stream screen gives you various options on how you wish to handle the notification. And you don’t have to leave the screen in order to do any of it.


Remo comes with only 8 IR LEDs, which probably accounts for the fuzzy edges and lack of definitive details in the night vision mode.

Two-Way Audio

Oh, yes! Remo does offer some of the best quality 2-way audio around. You can hear every word – even in whispers – and hear every snore of a sleeping spouse, if that’s your thing.

Even better, when you talk to those in the room, they can hear you loud and clear!

Apparently, the first generation of this camera had pretty lousy sound. Thankfully, that’s been fixed.


The device does have a built-in siren, which is not as bone shattering as those in Piper or Canary.  It’s just enough to make an intruder leave, or alert your neighbour but not so piercing that the neighbors will demand you move if it goes off one more time.

You must manually set the alarm off so it’s not going to suddenly sound and make you jump out of your skin.

Built-In Back-up Battery

There is no battery back-up, which is one of the few downsides of this camera.

Cloud Storage

Remocam cloudCloud storage is available at a price – one that is affordable for most users.

 But, it’s not mandatory. It’s one of the options.

Cloud plans are broken down this way:

  • The Jog plan offers you about 3GB of storage for a period of up to 3 days, costing you $3.99/month or $39.99 per year;
  • The Sprint plan offers you about 30GB of storage for a period of up to seven days costing you $7.99/month or $79.99 per year
  • The Marathon plan offers you unlimited storage for an entire month, costing you $299.99 per year.

You can simply judge how much storage you need by finding out the total storage space on your phone before it fills up: it’s about the same.

 If you don’t use 15 GB of data on your phone each month, you probably won’t need more than 3 GB of storage since most of the notices you’ll get are for normal movements or sounds that sends Remo into action.

Local Storage

This is the other option! Remocam comes with a micro SD card capability and will take up to a 32 GB card. You’ll have to purchase the card on your own since it’s not included in the kit.

How to set up Remocam?

You’ll need an internet connection, a smartphone – iOS or Android – and an outlet to plug the camera into. Take a picture of  the QR code on the bottom of the camera.  That’s it! It is so easy to set up that a 5-year old can do it and if you have trouble, borrow a neighbors kid to get you started.

Pet and Temperature Sensors

The device offers no pet settings or temperature/humidity sensors but the sensors are already pet-friendly. Nonetheless, Remocam makes up for all that by offering settings for any of your IR home products such as electrical switches, lights, door sensors and HD TVs.

New Accessories for 2016


Remocam does sell smart light switches and smart light bulbs if you don’t already have them in your home.

Setting Options

After you’ve entered all the standard information, like your email and contact information, you can set the motion sensors and play with the remote controls, just like an expert.

Notification Options

RemocamRemocam sends a push notification to your phone or email and if you save your email and password, you don’t have to login every time you want to see what the notice is about.

Other Stuff to Consider

There are millions of people who either don’t want, can’t afford or fail to qualify as a homeowner who need some kind of security options that will allow them to know their property is safe. Renters and business people alike use surveillance cameras to keep them notified of any unusual events going on in their absence.

Remocam makes for an excellent baby monitor since it picks up even the most hushed sounds and with its ability to scan the entire room, you can see every nook and corner of your property without a problem.

Additionally, installing a smart outlet in the baby’s room lets you turn on their audio player with their favorite lullaby or turn on the lights if there is an intruder in the room.

Pets love to hear your voice – except when you’re telling them to get off the furniture – during the day while you’re gone. Many pets are also known to deal with abandonment feelings when you go to work, even though you return home every night. Taking a few minutes when you’re on break to give them a voice hug helps them feel safe.

Obviously, this is a camera above everything else.

What many people are doing now is recording special moments when the kids are helping each other or pets curl up next to each other, storing them for a memory book they’ll make later.

Customer Service

This is what Brian wrote on Amazon after his purchase:

remocam review1
And, from one of the other reviewers who submitted suggestions for improvement,


A company that really listens to its customers and weighs the pros and cons of making the improvements suggested is a company that sincerely cares about you.

What Remocam Does Not Do?

The device does not have geofencing, although not everyone loves that option for automatically arming and disarming anyway. It lacks battery back-up in case of power outages. Other than that, Remocam easily competes with the best in the market today.

Yay or Nay?

If you are looking for a security option that you can monitor on your own with no 5-year contracts that ties you in knots and monitoring services that call you 30 minutes after the alarm went off, then selecting camera will serve you well.

Of all the cameras we’ve reviewed to name in our best home security cameras list this year, we tested Remocam last. And we have to admit that it ties with Piper NV for the first place in the rankings.

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