Presence: Senior Care With New Internet Based Home Automation System Products

Published: Aug 24, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Internet Based Home Automation System

In the course of several years, a handful of innovative companies have decided to take the plunge into the home automation sector. Some of these companies have attempted to deliver innovative products, which will enhance the consumer’s experience. Others are only interested in delivering an Internet based home automation system, which can better protect seniors. Presence has now made the shift over to the latter category. The company’s new Pro Care line is designed to provide support to elders living independently. Below, you’ll learn more about this company and their new product.

Introducing Presence

If you’ve never heard of Presence, you’re probably not the only one. The company is fairly small and their success has been minute. Of course, they did manage to gain attention upon the release of their mobile application, which innovatively transformed smartphones into security cameras. The app was innovative, effective and well worth the download. However, you will likely agree that an iPhone isn’t an effective home security device. Nonetheless, the maneuver shows that Presence knows how to innovate.

Now, the company is focusing on a full blown Internet based home automation system with all of the bells and whistles.

The Presence Pro Care

Living alone from your aging mother or father can be downright frightening. Presence Pro Care completely understands this dilemma and the anxiousness it can bring. This is why they’ve decided to launch their Presence Pro Care line. The company wants to fill your home with innovative sensors, which will effectively monitor the aging independent senior in your life. Initially, the system looks like nothing more than an Internet based home automation system, but it is surprisingly much more than that. Below, you’ll find a list of items, which are included.

•The central hub

•Entry sensors

•Motion sensors

•Water sensor

•Temperature sensor

•Touch and humidity sensor

•Connected pill dispenser

•Emergency button

Suffice to say, the Internet based home automation system is actually a complete monitoring system for the elderly. It excels in areas, where other systems have never even ventured.

The Pill Dispenser

Internet Based Home Automation SystemIn the past, a pill dispenser was a wonderful way to ensure patients had taken their required medications. Today, the product is utilized for the same purpose, but its effectiveness has improved immensely, thanks to companies like Presence. Now, the pill dispenser is connected, so it can be monitored anywhere in the world. If your parent has not been taking his or her pills, the connected dispenser will let you know about it. This will give you the ability to take action immediately to prevent any problems, which may occur. You can also setup the Presence Pro Care base to send you reminders, when your medicines are due.

The Emergency Button

The Emergency Button is truly the most innovative and exciting aspect of the new Presence Internet based home automation system. As you’ve likely seen before, there are numerous medical alert systems and various companies offering these products. Unfortunately, a lot of medical alert systems are lacking in one area or another. This is especially true, when it comes monitoring. Most medical alert systems can alert a caregiver in the event of an accident, but do very little otherwise. This is where the Presence Pro Care will truly excel.

With a comprehensive medical alert system and home automation system rolled into one bundle, Presence will look to take on some of the market’s biggest medical alert companies, such as Safe Guardian and Guardian Alarm. If their approach proves to be a success, you can guarantee that other companies will follow in suit and combine both concepts into one.

Messaging And Video Calls

The Presence Pro Care goes above and beyond to provide caregivers with the ability to communicate with one another much more effectively. Since, many debilitating adults tend to suffer from dementia this feature will make it much easier for caregivers and family to relay messages between themselves. It can also come in handy for someone in the early stages of dementia.

Fall Detection Capabilities

One of the most popular features embedded in emergency home care systems is the fall detection sensor. If your family member falls in the floor and cannot possibly reach their medical alert bracelet or pendant, they will be in luck, because the sensor will detect the fall. The alert will immediately be initiated and a notification will be sent out to the call center. If the fall victim is lethargic or incapacitated, the support team will dispatch the emergency response team. Since the invention of the detection sensor, it has saved hundreds of lives and continues to prove itself in the modern world.

Indoor Security System  

Internet Based Home Automation SystemMany homeowners find that it only makes sense to own one device that is capable of performing several different actions. With the Presence Pro Care Gold Pack, you will receive various sensors, which are all monitored by one call center. The gateway will easily support up to 25 sensors. These sensors and the optional Presence camera will become your main source of security. This will prevent you from needing to purchase an additional indoor security system. If at any time a sensor is triggered, an instant notification will be transmitted to the monitoring center and any family member that you previously requested.

Installation Process

While, it always helps to be a little tech savvy, it is not a necessity, when installing the Presence Pro Care hub and sensors. In fact, all you need to do is download the Presence app to your source device and complete the initial setup. Once this step is complete, you will need to add each device to the system, by scanning the QR code located on the hub. A step-by-step video guide is embedded into the app to help escort you through the entire process.

Each sensor has a sticky backing, so you do not need to worry about any installation hardware or tools.


If you are trying to find a solution to your elderly parent or family member’s dilemma, it may be time to consider a home emergency alert system. These devices are fantastic, because they can extend the length of time that someone could normally remain in their home.

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