Sensor Based Home Automation And Security System: Monitoring Seniors Without A Monthly Fee

Published: Oct 06, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Sensor Based Home Automation And Security System

As a loving child, who has an independent parent, it is absolutely pertinent to put security measures in place to better protect your loved one. Of course, attempting to watch a loved one twenty-four hours a day is nearly impossible. This is why it may be wise to make the transition to a sensor based home automation and security system. Unfortunately, these products aren’t necessarily affordable. In order to utilize many of these systems, consumers will need to purchase the equipment and pay a hefty monthly fee. Some manufacturers, including Mobile Guardian On Call, have attempted to alleviate the costs to some degree.

 However, the Allen Band will look to take this one step further and offer even more savings. Will their sensor based home automation and security system offer affordability, reliability and peace of mind? You’ll be able to find out below.


A Need At Home

The Allen Band isn’t the collaboration of tech companies or a multi million-dollar investment from Silicon Valley. Instead, it is one man’s invention. That man, Thor Schrock, designed the Allen Band, due to his own personal needs and concerns. The band is directly inspired by the relationship between Thor and his father, Allen. Allen is an older gentleman, who like many others, refused to enter into a retirement center, where he would be monitored 24/7.

Instead, Allen remained at home, prepared his own meals and effectively cared for himself. One day, Allen had an unfortunate accident. The event left him confined to the floor for approximately 24-hours, without any assistance. Unfortunately, Allen has lost some degree of independence, but Thor found a great deal of motivation to rectify this aged old problem. This is where The Allen Band enters the picture.

Introducing The Allen Band

So, Thor did like thousands of other loving children and scoured the market’s array of medical alert systems. Although he discovered a great sensor based home automation and security system, there was still a lingering problem. Many of the devices were immensely expensive and none were usable without paying a monthly fee of $30 or more. The Allen Band hopes to fix this complication, by providing consumers with access to a cost effective medical alert system and no monthly fee.

There is one slight concern, which must be noted. Unlike other systems, such as the Logic Mark and LifeFone, the Allen Band will not be connected to a centralized monitoring system. Instead, the product relies entirely on self-monitoring. So, in order for the Allen Band to be effective, the senior citizen must be competent enough to utilize it. It may not be ideal for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Still, the cost effectiveness of the product definitely makes it appealing.

Understanding Self-Monitoring

When it comes down to it, a lot of consumers will still feel much more comfortable with professionally monitored medical alert systems, such as those offered by Medical Alert and MediPendant. However, the potential of self-monitoring should not be completed neglected. For some children and parents, self-monitoring will actually prove to be fruitful, reliable and cost-effective. Analyzing your own unique situation and the current condition of your parent is ultimately very important.

A sensor based home automation and security system will be able to monitor an array of elements in your home, but it is entirely up to you to respond accordingly. This is true, when it comes to medical alert systems as well. In order for the device to be reliable, your parent will need to be competent and capable enough to reach the help button and push it in the event of an accident. If this is not possible, your parent will be out of luck. In this regard, the Allen Band is slightly different.

Monitoring Features

In order to fully understand how the Allen Band will remedy the problem above, you should learn about the product’s monitoring capabilities. For your consideration, you’ll discover the specific elements that the Allen Band can monitor below.

•Body temperature

•Fall detection

•Motion and movement

•GPS coordinates

•Current heart rate

By relying on these parameters, the Allen Band is effectively capable of analyzing your parent’s condition and reporting this information back to you at any point in time. Once the band has collected this information, it is sent directly to the Cloud. From there, the details are carrying scrutinized by a comprehensive algorithm, which determines whether or not danger is present. If the level of concern is high, the caregiver will automatically receive an alert.

Effectively, this helps to ensure that your parent’s caregivers will always be aware of your parent’s condition. Even if your parent is unable to press the help button, the Allen Band will still acknowledge their condition and alert the appropriate individual in the event of an emergency.

Alerting Caregivers

Sensor Based Home Automation And Security SystemThere is one thing that needs to be taken into account. Your parent will likely have a number of different caregivers. For instance, you and your sister might be two. You may also have a professional caregiver. The Allen Band is only capable of alerting two caregivers for free. If the consumer wishes to notify more people, the consumer will need to upgrade and begin paying a monthly fee. This might be concerning, since the Allen Band is advertising itself as a system, without a monthly fee. Still though, the price is minute. Adding another caregiver to the system will only cost an additional dollar a month. When compared to many of the other medical alert systems, the Allen Band is still the most cost effective option available.

Future Expectations

Unfortunately, the future is truly uncertain for the Allen Band. Although the sensor based home automation and security system did manage to complete its IndieGoGo campaign, it only acquired a small amount of capital. In all likelihood, the company will need to do additional fundraising, in order to bring the product to the United States. Another concern is the fact that there is no working prototype. How effectively will it truly be, once the product is up and running? Only time will tell, but the concept alone is definitely something to get excited about.

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