Tips And Facts For Setting Up A Remote Control Lighting System Home

Published: Sep 02, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
remote control lighting system

As a homeowner, you need to take the time to setup an environment, which is comfortable, relaxing and convenient. There are numerous factors, which will play a role in this and your home’s lighting system is ultimately one factor to consider. With a more convenient lighting system, you’ll be able to control your lights, without getting out of your seat or bed. This is what can be achieved and is one of the main reasons that setting up a remote control lighting system home is a good idea for homeowners. Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn more about this type of system, its benefits and how to set one up for your home.

What It Is And How It Works

Before rushing forward, you should take the time to learn the basics about a remote control lighting system. Initially, this might seem like something complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it is possible to find systems, which are incredibly simplistic. On the other hand, you can setup your own home automation system and make it as complicated and intricate as you desire. Still, the lighting system is nothing more than a system, which can be controlled remotely. It is possible to control the lights using various devices, which will be listed below.

• Remote control
• Key fob controller
• Smartphone
• Computer

So, how does it work? This truly depends on the specific type of system that you’re trying to setup. If you utilize a home automation system, the lights will connect to your hub or gateway and the gateway will shell out commands to the lights. However, if you stick with a simplistic light, which is controlled by a specialized remote control, the process will be much more straightforward. In this type of scenario the remote control will control the light and nothing more.

Gateway Or Separate

In order to setup a remote control lighting system in your home, you’ll need to first start with the basics. Do you want to setup an entire home automation system? Or do you prefer a simple setup? If you want the latter, you can simply purchase the light and plug it up. There are plenty of reasons to opt for the home automation system. Doing so will provide you with additional benefits and will make it possible to control a variety of devices at the same time.

If you do opt for the hub, you will need to check out the device’s software. Remember that the Z-Wave is currently the market leader, so you’ll have a much easier time finding compatible light bulbs and lamps, by selecting a Z-Wave gateway.

Light Switch Installation

The home automation light switch is a very popular device, because it allows homeowners to control their lights, while at home and away. The light switch basically replaces the existing light switch of your preferences. Before beginning the process, be sure that the power source is disconnected from the existing light switch. You can utilize a voltmeter to make sure the power is completely turned off.

Remove the old wall plate, switch, and box. You will need a pair of wire pliers, and Phillip’s and flat head screwdriver for this process. Once you have removed these, you should go ahead and replace them with the new home automation light switch. The installation will be similar to any tradition light switch, plus each wire is labeled on the back of the switch to decrease errors.

After installing the new light switch, you will need to download the associated app to your iOS or Android device, and then pair with the light switch. The home automation light switch is integrated with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, so it will be able to communicate with your app enabled smart phone.

Now, it is time to complete the setup. You will do this by opening up the app and accessing the interface. You should be provided with a step-by-step guide for this task and it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes. You can now remotely monitor and manage the light switch without any issue. You will have the option of creating a time schedule and remotely switch the light off/on from anywhere around the world.

remote control lighting system2Choosing a Light Bulb

You will find various home automation LED light bulb brands on the market. Each one of these brands will vary significantly, but they all generally function in the same manner. You simply replace any existing light bulb in your home with the new LED home automated light bulb. After the installation process is complete, you need to download the associated app to your iOS or Android device and begin pairing the two.

As mentioned above, each brand will offer varying coloring options, preset schedules, and now the wake up music sync. These lights can offer a lot of fun for any child or adult, plus they can create the perfect environment for a birthday, wedding, or graduation party. If you own an outdoor pool, you should definitely consider installing a couple of these LEDs above the pool. By accessing the mobile app, you will be able to create a color palate of strobe lights and switch the LEDs off/on from home or away.

Consider Light Strings

If you wish to add something unique and stunning to your home’s lighting system, you will want to consider light strings. These types of lights can also be controlled remotely. However you’ll need to look carefully, if you wish to add these specific types of lights to your automation system. This is the case, because the majority of them are simple and controlled by the included remote. These lights can be good for certain purposes, including illuminating underneath a counter.


All in all, there are numerous things to consider, when attempting to setup a remote control lighting system in your home. Remember to figure out precisely what you desire before rushing ahead. If you want an intricate system, which provides control over other devices, you should opt for the hub and setup your own home automation system. Otherwise, a light, which comes with a remote control, will do.

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