Smart Locks: Better Security of Security Breach?

Published: Jun 03, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

The crime rate across the nation is definitely on the rise. This encourages consumers to take action and begin securing their homes with more efficiency. It is certainly true that dead bolts are one of the basic steps for better home security. However, one must question the potential of new security devices, such as smart locks. Sure, they’re tremendously convenient, but are they truly secure?

Below, you’ll learn about the potential dangers and benefits of these types of locks.

How They Work

There is a wide array of smart locks. Some are opened by keying-in a simple number sequence, others are capable of granting access with a fingerprint scanner.

And finally, the new technology allows consumers to open their doors by using their smart phones. Some experts fear that this type of technology can easily be breached without much effort. There is tremendous convenience with this type of system, but are smart phones truly secure?

Compromisable Security

These devices are astoundingly innovative, but somewhat questionable. What would happen if your home’s WIFI network were to falter? Could this cause your locks to recognize and grant access to normally unauthorized smart phones? Since power outages and internet fluctuations could potentially cause problems, wouldn’t this risk access to your home? What happens if your key is denied and you’re unable to get in? Although this isn’t a major complication, it can still cause a tremendous headache.

The Smart Phone is the Key

At the same time, it is vital to remember that your smart phone becomes your house key. Although some thieves will target house keys, they’re much more likely to steal expensive smart phones. This adds a little more risk to the equation. If someone gains access to your smartphone and it hasn’t been secured properly, it is likely that they will gain entry to your home. Although this is definitely unlikely, the probability is still there and it is essential to consider all possible complications.


Millions are turning to Smart locks, as a convenient way to provide extra security to their homes and businesses. These electronic, safety devices are extremely beneficial to owners of on-the-market real estate and rental properties.

Motel owners also find these gadgets very useful for many reasons including:

  • Eliminates need for a security guard to physically change the door code
  • Reduces costs of the need to switch out traditional lock and key, after a tenant vacates property
  • No key cards are required, which can run in a sustainable amount of money over time
  • Easily provides temporary access to maintenance workers and real estate viewers

Brand name manufacturers are cashing in on the rewards of developing these products. Some have been noted as earning revenues around $20 million annually. It remains to be seen how safe these devices genuinely are, but until then, consumers continue to snatch them up.

The Truth

In actuality, smart locks aren’t actually more secure or less secure. If a thief is interested in breaking into your home, they’ll do so one way or another. If they’re unable to gain entry through the door, they’ll target a window. Therefore, it is wise to consider your own situation and whether or not the convenience is worth the price of these items.

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