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Published: Feb 04, 2015 at 07:28 UTC
FrontPoint Security App

FrontPoint Security App, let’s look at it in more detail. With so many people wanting to use the convenience of apps for pretty much everything now, some wireless home security companies are committing themselves to extending this same level of service to their dedicated customers.

Leading the way in this next generation of mobile accessibility to home safety and automation is FrontPoint Security.

The FrontPoint security app is more than simply smartphone friendly. Apart from the myriad of tasks that it makes possible for the user, it is available on practically every mobile device that you are currently likely to use.

FrontPoint Security app access

FrontPoint has three significant pricing plans for its cellular packages, but it is the ‘interactive’ and ‘ultimate’ plans that provide for the most convenient access to its mobile app capabilities.

While it all depends on the needs that you have for securing your property, you should be aware that FrontPoint provides remote access monitoring through its partner Alarm.com, a provider which has a reputation as being without peer when it comes to applications for remote home monitoring.

FrontPoint Security app platforms

The FrontPoint app provides peace of mind not only for home and business owners wherever they are located, but also because it provides app availability with any mobile platform which you are likely to be using now without the need for upgrading.

frontpoint iphone app– iPhone app – this is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, along with the iPhone 5 through to 6 Plus. It is free to download from Alarm.com and is very current at time of writing, having been updated last in December 2014.

– Android app – this app allows you to navigate to several features all from one screen. The FrontPoint app page directs you to Google Play to download it free to commence your remote home control.

– Blackberry app – downloadable from your Blackberry’s default browser, FrontPoint’s partner app provider gives direct text instructions for device settings to correctly navigate the activity.

– Windows phone app – download easily for free to your 7.5, 8 or 8.1 device.

FrontPoint Security app features

frontpoint security appRegardless of which platform you use to integrate your FrontPoint app, you can expect a consistent range of app features that includes the following;

  • Activate and disarm the system worldwide with a few taps of your mobile device
  • Main screen system updates to check security of entry points, status of system activation, motion detection and interference over-rides from power outages
  • Access live video streaming clips which can also be saved and stored to view at a later period.
  • Sensor event recording history, such as timing arrival of family members
  • Geo-fencing for setting reminders and rules, including opening garage doors or turning on lights
  • Receive alerts based on sensor detection
  • Apply filters for arming and disarming the system for selected events
  • Control home automation facilities

The FrontPoint Security app is backed by the provider’s 30 day money guarantee of its use with their cellular system.

It’s about more than just security

The FrontPoint Security app is steadfast in its resolve by this wireless provider to deliver a security experience that goes beyond simply that which is expected by its customers.

Instead, its focus is to produce a lifestyle feature that ensures complete customer convenience.

To find out more about FrontPoint app and their current deals, you can contact FrontPoint by clicking right here or by calling 844-293-4744.

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