Spotlight on the Best DIY Wireless Home Security System

Published: Mar 18, 2015 at 07:59 UTC
Best DIY Wireless Home Security System

If you are in the market for the best DIY wireless home security system, then you have no doubt undertaken your own research and discovered that the DIY wireless solutions can present you with many options.

As a customer, this simply means that it is particularly important that you place your trust in a wireless home security provider who will not throw any curveball surprises your way after you have committed the sale to them.

For this reason, you need to limit your selection of DIY systems to those with the strongest reputation in the market. With that said, read on to discover exactly what you should look for in a DIY wireless home security system and why we recommend FrontPoint Security as one of our preferred suppliers.

Essential features of DIY home security

You already know that the greatest protection that you can offer your family is to safeguard them with the best DIY home security system on the market.

This means that your DIY security system must have the following essential features if it is to make the grade;

  • Easy installation without need for drilling or hammering
  • No extensive cabling required
  • Crash and smash proof technology
  • Emergency protective cover against fire and medical emergencies
  • Portability for taking with you when you relocate
  • Interactive remote access via mobile apps
  • Door and window sensors as a minimum
  • Battery-powered to prevent downtime during power outages

It is these features of a DIY wireless security system that makes them so appealing to residents and so frustrating to potential intruders.

The FrontPoint DIY difference

FrontPoint is known for going the extra mile for its customers, which is why it is widely considered as a front-line provider of the best DIY wireless home security system on offer today.

At the core of FrontPoint’s DIY home security product is its use of the GE Simon XT control panel, the much-heralded rising star in wireless home security systems. That however, is just the beginning of what you can expect ‘out of the box’.

What you will also receive in addition to the above mentioned features is this;

  • Guaranteed 100 per cent cellular equipment and monitoring
  • Additional sensor options that cover motion, glass breakage, carbon dioxide, freeze, heat and more
  • Non-reliance on phone or internet lines
  • Interactive monitoring at a range of price points for different budgets
  • Industry-recognized superior customer service standards
  • Contract and monitoring package options
  • Money back guarantee

Unlike many other providers, FrontPoint will tailor their best DIY wireless home security system to meet your needs and finances, rather than trying to sell you a one-size-fits-all solution.

How the FrontPoint DIY security system works

If your FrontPoint control panel detects an issue from any of the sensors, it acts immediately to send an encrypted alarm signal to the monitoring center through the cellular network. At this point it will also send you a text to your mobile device if you have configured it to send you these notifications.

Of course, with the best DIY wireless home security system, you can also gain instant access to status check your home in real time via a smartphone app (read more about FrontPoint security app right here) for added awareness and peace of mind.

While many other systems are known for delay times in issuing security signals, the FrontPoint DIY wireless system acts instantly unless it receives a disarm command to ignore the detection.

The best DIY wireless security system for all

While FrontPoint is at the fore of its game due to its longevity and experience in the DIY home security space, it is true that there is not one provider with whom all customers connect.

Protect America for instance, is another relevant DIY wireless provider with a strong following in the market. Their DIY security solution has many of the same features (some latest features include Protect America interactive) and options that we have reported here already. Additionally, their rates are similar to those offered by FrontPoint, with some customers reporting a preferred package outcome from this company.

Our point here is that a favorable experience when selecting the best DIY wireless home security system for your circumstances should be based on your preferences, and on how the top companies in the industry can and are willing to cater directly to your needs.

To find out more about their current deals, you can contact FrontPoint by clicking this link or by calling 844-293-4744.

Or if you want to see what Protect America has to offer right now you can go to their website or call them at 888-275-6428.

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