Steps of Installation of a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Jun 01, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Steps of Installation of a Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system is a convenient option for people to safeguard their home as they can be installed without professional help and expertise.

When it comes to providing security, more and more people are opting for a wireless alarm system. Wireless technology has become immensely popular nowadays and has made the lives of people a lot easier.

Gone are the days when they had to deal with the problem of wires running throughout their house. Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, they can also leave permanent damage.

Moreover, these systems had to be installed by security professionals having knowledge of carpentry and electricians.


The introduction of a wireless alarm system has eliminated these problems as this system does not involve the use of wires. Also, it is a lot easier to install this kind of security system in homes and at offices as well. This system does not require miles of cables to work effectively.

The only thing that people have to worry about is the placement of the components in relation to each other and the different electronic appliances at home for the purpose of minimizing RF interference.

Initial Process:

There are some easy steps that can be followed by people for installing the wireless security system. It is not necessary to hire a professional to do this task as there is no wiring involved.

The first consideration to be made is to find a location where the main control board or panel can be placed. This has to be somewhere that allows access to the home phone line and is also near to the home’s fuse box. This is because power is needed by the main control panel in order to work and it should be able to communicate with the security company in emergencies. Just a reminder, access to phone line is not needed if you choose the cellular monitoring!

Glass break alarms and window sensors should be used by people for equipping their home windows. The purpose of a window sensor is to inform the system when a particular window is opened. Likewise, when the glass is broken, the glass break alarm is activated.

Additional Steps:

The next steps in the installation process of a wireless alarm system involve placing door sensors on the entrance doors of the home. When the door is opened, a signal will be sent by these sensors to the main control panel.

Alarm sensors can also be used on the garage doors and the entry door to the garage for protecting whatever stuff is kept there. In case there is a connecting door between the house and the garage, it is recommended that a sensor also be installed on that door.

The remote control panel should always be placed beside the main entrance of the house. This is the panel that will be used by people for controlling the wireless alarm system when they are entering or leaving the house. The panel should be kept close enough to the door to ensure that people can reach it easily before triggering the alarm.

The final step involves calibrating the components and checking the signal strength of the system to see if it’s working properly.

The guidelines provided by the manufacturer can be used for troubleshooting the system. Thus, the wireless alarm system will be installed and function in the best possible way.

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