Stylish Accessories: The New Innovations in Home Security?

Published: Apr 20, 2015 at 09:03 UTC
The Apple Watch

 Over the past few years, major corporations have rolled out some very impressive technologies, which will lead the way in home security.

One of these, the Apple Watch, is certainly a surprise.

The device is impressive and offers access to an extensive array of applications and tools, but home security on your wrist?

The concept certainly seems awkward, at first glance, but will this inspire other manufacturers to follow suit and develop similar products?

Will this accessory, which offers easier accessibility, actually improve home security, or will it open your home network to unwanted access?


The Concept

With the enormous amount of hype regarding Apple products, it is certain their new accessory will garner immense popularity.

While the device itself is certainly innovative, the potential uses and applications available is really the selling point.

During the media blitz a few weeks ago, Apple put on an impressive display, which immaculately exhibited the device’s flexibility.

With the Alarm.com application, users, who wrap this device around their wrists, will gain total accessibility over their home security systems.

With the collaboration between Apple and Alarm.com, consumers will have the ability to monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. Although this was originally possible with smart phones and tablets, this offers a condensed and more convenient alternative.

It is difficult to deny that this offers added value to current security apparatuses. Once the device is launched, you will begin to witness more corporations catering to their consumer’s needs, by implementing compatible applications, which will drastically reform the user’s experience.


The Potential

The immense potential of this device should be fairly self-evident. With such remarkable accessibility, consumers, who are truly concerned about their home’s security, will instantly be able to look at their wrist and monitor their homes.

Some technology enthusiasts will seek out the device, in order to keep up with the trends. Security fanatics will look at the watch, as an added layer of security and value to their current systems.

It is certainly thrilling and offers more peace of mind to know you can always lift your wrist, hit a button, and watch streaming video from inside of your home.

Of course, this isn’t the only impressive aspect. In fact, the user will be able to arm their security system, check the condition of their garage door, and even receive notifications on their wrist.

To simplify the benefits, if you were to leave your home, without arming your system, you would receive an alert on your watch. From this screen, you will instantly be able to arm your system, with the push of a button. This is undoubtedly monumental and adds to the ingenious of modern home security.


Potential Risks

Anytime a new device is released, there is an immeasurable number of hackers, who will go to great lengths, in order to find flaws and exploits. During any device’s inception, there is a much higher potential for vulnerabilities, flaws and backdoors. Even after a product has been exposed to the public for several years, these individuals will strive to break through their security measures. As we’ve seen with the Apple iCloud, even the most secure systems can be manipulated and exploited.

If the past tells us anything, it is certain that the Apple Watch will suffer from some vulnerability, despite extensive testing. Since the product has yet to be released, it is impossible to tell what the future holds, but once these watches link up to the Internet, the flaws, if there are any, will be quickly uncovered. Since these stylish accessories store and provide access to your home’s security system, you may be opening your door to strangers from all around the world, but this isn’t the only concern. Your personal and financial information could also be put at an increased risk.


Watch to iPhone Communication

With Apple’s Watch, none of the information is actually stored on the fashion accessory. Instead, the Watch will communicate and collect information from the iPhone, which can bring about new security concerns. In order for these two devices to link and share information, WiFi and Bluetooth must be utilized.

Even the Bluetooth, which offers increased encryption, has been compromised in the past. The Apple Watch isn’t the lone risk. In fact, BitDefender, a security firm, performed a startling presentation, in December, which demonstrated the dangers of sharing information between Android smartphones and smart watches. Although the future is uncertain, one must take caution, when relying on any similar products.


The Risk vs. The Convenience

Despite the potential risks involved, many users will find the convenience overwhelmingly difficult to pass by. Thanks to this innovative technology, homeowners will effectively be able to gain total control over all of the smart devices, within their homes, directly through their wrists.

With the Alarm.com application alone, the device enables the user to efficiently monitor, control, and arm their security system, regardless of location, but this isn’t all.


In fact, the capabilities are greatly expanded and offer total control over the entirety of the home and its smart devices.

While controlling the application, the user will be authorized to adjust their home’s thermostat, adjust their locks, and ensure the status of their home’s garage door. While the risk may or may not be sufficient to cause concern, the convenience and overall accessibility of this new technology is enough to peak interests from around the globe!



At the moment, it is impossible to tell, whether or not the Apple Watch, or any other smart watch, will become the new big thing in home security. Still, with an array of impressive features, it is impossible not to take notice. Anyone, who is interested in gaining more control over his or her home’s security, will certainly want to contemplate the purchase. Impressively enough, the product’s sleek, modern design makes it a convenient, reliable and stylish accessory that’ll work well for any wardrobe.

Still, it is difficult not to take note of the security risks surrounding these types of devices. All in all, it may be better to remain patient, until the product is able to gain some reputability, before deciding to make the purchase.

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