Is Your System The Best Wireless Home Alarm System?

Published: Apr 13, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
Is Your System The Best Wireless Home Alarm System?

With a few checks and tests you can know whether the security system in your house is the best wireless home alarm system or not.

Every consumer wants to purchase the best product in whatever budget he has but it is not always possible to get the best. There are a few things that make a security system the best wireless home alarm system and if you know them beforehand you can definitely make a great purchase. If you are currently in the shopping process for a wireless security system, here are a few things you might want to be careful about so you can have the best wireless home alarm system installed in your house.

The Range Of Its Signals

The range of your wireless security system makes a big difference. You cannot call any security system the best wireless home alarm system unless it has good range of signals. The sensors in your house communicate with the control unit located often close to the main door. You have to be careful about the distance between the sensor and the control unit because the signals become weaker as you move away from the control unit. This can cause your sensors to send false alarms or no alarms at all to the control unit. Talk to your service provider or perform tests with dummy alarms to verify the strength of signals in your house. Check the strength of signals in every room and location where you have placed a sensor.

Test The Motion Sensors

The motion sensors are essential for any security system. Sensitive and easily controllable motion sensors make up the best wireless home alarm system. Go near the sensors to check their sensitivity. Perform these checks if you have motion sensing cameras with your security system. Furthermore, you should always check the sensors for false alarms because the best wireless home alarm system comes with pet friendly sensors. These sensors will not send any signals to the main control unit and cause the alarm to ring if your pet is wandering around in the house. A sensor that’s not pet friendly can be a big trouble and annoyance in a house where there’s a pet.

Are You In A Contract?

This is something that must be checked when you are in the shopping process. You should keenly look into the fine prints and information given on the website to choose the best wireless home alarm system. You don’t want to be surprised with the fact that you have been entered into a contract when you purchased your alarm system. Some of the best wireless home alarm systems from the most renowned companies now require absolutely no contracts from the buyers. This means the customers have the freedom of cancelling the services whenever they wish to. Some companies will hide the contracts from their customers and that’s not a good practice.

Does Your Alarm Ring Instantaneously?

This is one of the most important things to check when you want to buy the best wireless home alarm system. Many wireless security systems now wait for a certain duration before they ring only to ensure that a false alarm doesn’t occur, but this is not a good strategy and method of making a wireless alarm system foolproof. A better way is that you as a user should have the option to choose the duration or cancel it completely. You don’t want to give time to the burglar to run away while the alarm is waiting for 30 seconds to ring before someone could inform it that the emergency is a real one and not a false one.

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