Terminology Used In The Best Home Alarm Systems

Published: May 18, 2014 at 09:15 UTC
Terminology Used In The Best Home Alarm Systems

The best home alarm systems are like everything else in the fact that they have certain terminology that is used when speaking about them.

2-way intercoms

2-way intercoms in best home alarm system terminology means that the homeowner will have the ability to communicate with their home monitoring service center through the equipment they have provided.

24-hour monitoring

24-hour monitoring is often heard when people are talking about the best home alarm systems. This is in reference to the company that provides the alarm hardware and their practice of monitoring the system, and signals that are emitted by the hardware that are installed in the home twenty-four hours per day. When you have twenty-four hour monitoring you will know that any time an alarm is set off on your system there is someone checking to see what the problem is and that authorities are called.

Cellular monitoring

Cellular monitoring is a new term used by the best home alarm systems. The cellular systems are considered to be safer than the older models of home security systems. The older models of these systems were tied into your hardwired phone line. Thieves could actually disconnect your alarm system by cutting your phone lines. With the new cellular systems cutting the phone line to the house will have no effect on the services of the alarm system. The cellular systems usually offer a system where the signal is transmitted wirelessly between the sensors in the home and the control panel in the home and then from the control panel all the way to the 24/7 monitoring center.

DIY systems

DIY systems, according to the terminology used by the best home alarm systems are systems that allow the home owner to install all of the necessary components without hiring an installation expert. Most of the do-it-yourself- systems are wireless, because hardwired systems are more difficult to install than the wireless ones are. These types of systems are excellent for people who rent their homes because they are easy to move and the installation of the equipment is less invasive to the home.

Glass break sensors

Glass break sensors are devices that detect the noise decibels emitted by the sound of breaking glass and this sets off an alarm.

Garage door sensors

Garage door sensors are not usually offered as standard equipment, but many of the alarm companies do have this type of sensor. They work like the ones that connect to your windows and doors, but they are designed specifically to use on a garage type door.

Interactive monitoring

Interactive monitoring is one of the latest things we are seeing offered by the best home alarm systems companies. With these systems you will be able to turn your appliances on and off through your smart phones or tables. They allow you to view what your security cameras are getting images of, and they even allow you to change settings, and make simple changes to the control panel via your smart phone, tablet, or even laptop computer.

Relocation systems

Relocation systems are designed for people who move frequently. The components that make up the system were custom designed so they can be installed into one home, and then moved to another with minimal effort. There is usually a small fee associated with the relocation of the system from one home to another.



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