The Future of IoT: From Security to Babies?

Published: Apr 22, 2015 at 08:55 UTC
The Future of IoT: From Security to Babies?

 Many new innovations are leading the way in the IT sector, with IoT, or the Internet of Things, ranking at the top of the list. In a sense, the IoT is more of an ideal or concept than a new device or product.

Still, this ingenious approach to the Internet is certain to arouse the attention of technology enthusiasts, companies and innovators from around the globe.

So what are the underlying principles of this new development?

Below, you will get an understanding of this concept and how it will enhance various products and services from home security to parenting!


The Basics of IoT

In theory, the Internet of Things is a philosophy that is in-depth and complicated, but when broken down in basic principles, the ideal is actually very elementary and straightforward.

In this type of setting, anything and everything can be assigned an IP address. Below, you will discover the types of objects, animals and people, who could become a virtual property through this concept.

  • Farm animals
  • Vehicles
  • Housing Climate Control Systems
  • Security Devices
  • Highway toll collections
  • Hospitalized patients

In all honesty, this list is innumerable, since anything could become a thing, within the IoT structure. When these objects, or people, are fitted with electronics and assigned IP addresses, their conditions, behaviors and other analytics could be monitored in a virtual environment.

At first glance, the premise might seem a little excessive and downright creepy, but IT companies are utilizing this understanding, as a way to provide more efficient products to their customers.


Overview of the Uses

As mentioned above, the types of objects that could be involved in IoT are immeasurable.

In the same sense, the potential uses of the innovation are identical.

All industries, concepts, technologies, systems and real life environments can be impacted. In fact, it is likely that all basics of life will eventually be altered, due to these coming changes.

The following list includes a number of the sectors, which will be drastically impacted.

  • Parking spots and vacancies
  • Added sensitivity to street lights
  • Traffic, road work and congestion
  • Weather monitoring, early earthquake detection and pollution audits
  • Supervision of energy consumption and water usage
  • Accurate measurements of silos containment


Home Automation with IoT

Sure, the above-mentioned uses are certainly impressive, but they might not excite the IT enthusiast in you. Well, perhaps the potential of home automation, with the addition of the Internet of Things, will?

Remarkably, homeowners will soon have the ability to connect nearly any inanimate object in their home to the Internet.

With a completely customizable Internet of things, you can develop a platform, which encapsulates your thermostat, television, smoke sensor, and even, the door sensors in your home.

When you’re out and about, while your pets or kids are at home, you’ll instantly be able to check the condition of your home’s smoke sensor. If you’re alerted to the presence of smoke in your home, you’ll instantly be able to take action, notify the authorities and keep your family members safe.

For an added sense of convenience, it will be possible to adjust your thermostat to perfect your home’s “atmosphere”, before you arrive.


Comprehensive Baby Monitoring

In the future, parenting will be completely enhanced, thanks to the innovations of the Internet of things. By fitting and accessorizing your baby, with an ingenious baby monitor, you will be able to rid your home of those annoying, traditional monitors, which rely on frequencies to transmit and deliver information.

Instead of only hearing sound or being able to view a grainy image, the IoT will add an immense range of new analytics.

  • The breathing rate of your baby
  • His or her body position
  • Real-time skin temperatures
  • The environmental factors of your baby’s room

With these possibilities, it is certain mothers and fathers around the world will be able to sleep the night through knowing their babies are sleeping soundly. If the room becomes too hot, or cold, grab your smartphone or tablet, access your home automation control panel, and adjust the room’s temperature, without getting out from under your covers. Of course, things become even more convenient, when other devices are added to the system.

Connect your baby’s car seat, pacifier or their heart monitor, to your system. With the reliability and accuracy of these technologies, parents will be able to recognize problems in their child’s behavior earlier, which can help to diagnose and prevent future problems.

This could provide you with the warning signs needed to save your babies life. It is certain monitoring your offspring in such an intense manner can have an abundance of benefits.


The Upcoming Revolution

A new technological revolution is inevitable, with the advancement of the Internet of Things looming.

Leading researchers approximate that there’ll be forty-to-eighty billion objects connected to the Internet by the year 2020!

When expanded even further, there will be at least ten Internet enabled objects for every individual on the planet. Each and every sector in the world will be impacted by this system, including healthcare, lighting, home automation, security, and much more.

In the healthcare field, doctors will soon be able to ensure patients are consuming their prescribed medications, thanks to Adhere Tech. The company has already accumulated over two million dollars, in order to offer Internet connected pill bottles, which will track their usage.

With the massively funded home automation corporation, Revolv, which has raised nearly seven million dollars, consumers will be able to completely control their home and all of its smart devices through their tablets or smart phones.

Of course, it is unlikely to stop there.


When Will it Stop?

Even, with a basic understanding of the Internet of Things, it is impossible to deny the boundless potential of the new concept.

As mentioned above, virtually all aspects of human life will undergo extensive changes, with IoT leading the way. It would be foolish to suggest that major corporations will run out of ideas and uses for these systems.

With limitless possibilities and infinite applications, monumental advances are all, but certain, to arrive in the near future. It’ll be intriguing to see where this will lead us in the future, but the real question is, where will it stop? It is likely we’ll all be astounded, when this revolution hits its peak.

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