Things You Should Know Before Buying Battery Powered Wireless Alarm Monitoring Systems

Published: Apr 23, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Things You Should Know Before Buying Battery Powered Wireless Alarm Monitoring Systems

Power outages are common in many parts of the world and even in the most developed countries they can take place at any time. This calls for battery powered wireless alarm monitoring systems but a few things have to be known before buying such alarm systems.

Wireless alarm monitoring has slowly becoming common in all parts of the world. Wired security systems are not considered much reliable now and the many limitations associated with them have thrown them out of fashion in the recent years. Battery powered wireless alarm monitoring is pretty common these days but not everyone knows how to buy the right monitoring system that runs on a battery. Some important pieces of information must be known to buy the right alarm system with a reliable battery.

Look At The Type Of Battery

The first thing you must know is the different types of batteries that exist. There are different types of batteries and each type has its pros and cons. Some will need you to change them on a very regular basis, which can be difficult for people who want to be relieved once and for all after installing the wireless alarm monitoring system in the house. If you don’t want to change the batteries regularly, you can opt for wireless alarm monitoring that runs on permanent batteries. That batteries provide uninterrupted backup for as long as your wireless alarms and the entire monitoring system is running. Such batteries also have warranties on them.

The Battery Timing Matters

Wireless alarm monitoring system running on battery surely sounds like a good deal but it is only a good deal when you get a good battery backup for your system. What if your battery runs only for 4-5 hours after being fully charged? What if you have a power outage of an entire night? Make sure you choose the wireless alarm monitoring that runs on batteries with longer backups. These batteries will easily backup all the sensors for an entire night and even more if you choose the right ones. It is best that you ask these questions from the customer support representatives or look for it on the website of the vendor.

The Critical Battery Notification

An important aspect of any wireless alarm monitoring system that runs on batteries is how it notifies you when the battery is low. An indicator on the sensor or a small beeping sound is not the best thing to inform you of critical battery levels. Sometimes you are not in the house and at times you will not look at the red indicator for days even if you pass by the sensor several times in a day. Choose only the sensors that inform you through an email or SMS notification whenever the battery is low on any of the sensors. This way you will never get a surprise at the eleventh hour.

Warranties On The Batteries

See if your vendor is offering any warranties on the batteries with your wireless alarm monitoring system. See if the batteries are included in the warranty if there is a warranty on the sensor itself. You can now buy independent sensors that can be integrated on your existing wireless alarm monitoring system. These sensors are backed by long warranties but the batteries will not always be included in the warranty. The best deal is one in which you are able to get warranty on your batteries so you can change them without spending the money from your pocket whenever there’s any issue with the batteries.

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