Things You Must Look Into When Buying Video Baby Monitors

Published: Apr 22, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
Things You Must Look Into When Buying Video Baby Monitors

There are certain things that all video baby monitors must have and you should have a list of these options when you are shopping for them. This saves you from paying for options you don’t really need.

The newest video baby monitors are equipped with amazing options that make security of your baby easy and give you the peace of mind at all times. However, an inundation of options can be confusing for people who have not bought video baby monitors before. In this scenario, it is best to keep in mind the options that are necessary for any video baby monitor. It is okay to let go of the bonus options but you are highly advised not to compromise on these important options that are given below.

The Range Of Your Monitoring System

The first thing you must inquire about when buying video baby monitors is its range. There is no use of the baby monitor if you are not able to access the video in half of your house. A way for companies to confuse the customers is that they often tell the range of video baby monitors in an open area. So if you see that the baby monitor you are looking at has a huge range, you will know that it is for open areas with no walls. Always specifically ask about the range of the video baby monitors in the house. The thickness of walls and many other factors directly affect the range of your monitoring units.

The Battery Timing Of Monitoring Devices

Most video baby monitors are battery operated but you have to be wise in your choice of batteries. You must look for video baby monitors with big batteries and long backups. You don’t want to keep charging your video baby monitor at all times and also don’t want it to shut down within a couple of hours when it is not on charging. Your baby monitor should at least have enough battery backup to last for an entire night on battery. Furthermore, you would also like to ask how long it takes to charge the monitor fully so they provide you with full backup.

The Notification Type

How you receive the notification from video baby monitors is another important factor to consider before purchasing one. Email alerts are a good option but not the best. You would also like to receive a notification on your mobile phone so look for video baby monitors that provide this option. The notification can also be in different forms. The SMS you receive from the monitoring system is only a text notification but email notification has more to offer. On your email you might receive a snapshot of the last activity. Choose the option most suitable for you.

The Wi-Fi Band Range

Most video baby monitors are connected in the house through Wi-Fi technology. The video baby monitors you receive will either run on a 2.4GHz band range or the 5GHz band range. The best thing is that you can now buy baby monitors that use both the band ranges and hop to the one that lets the monitoring system perform at its optimum. Always check the type of wireless router you have in the house. If you are getting the video baby monitor that runs on a particular band range, make sure your Wi-Fi router supports that particular band range too.

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