Tips For Selecting DIY Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems

Published: May 09, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
wireless outdoor home security camera systems

As a homeowner, it is absolutely pertinent to keep your home safe and sound from potential intruders. Unfortunately, the crime rate is on the rise and criminals are out in hot pursuit for their next heist. As these individuals grow wiser and more devious, it is essential to utilize one of the wireless outdoor home security camera systems, which is smart enough to stop their behavior. Opting for a DIY model can be immensely helpful. Below, you’ll find tips for choosing a worthwhile DIY wireless home security camera system for your home.

Pros Of DIY

Although there are many benefits associated with professionally installed systems from ADT or another provider, a DIY system can be even more beneficial for some. Below, you’ll find a list of the pros associated with doing it yourself.

• No installation charges
• No appointment or need to sit around and wait for an installation tech
• Total customization and no restrictions
• Freedom to work on your own time
• Setup a system that works for your home, needs, budget

With DIY cameras, the possibilities are truly endless. A technician’s visit can be frustrating and costly. If you’re capable of installing the system on your own, you will benefit from doing so.

Difficulty Of Installation

When attempting to track down the best outdoor camera system, which you can install on your own, you will need to investigate the ease of installation. Opting for a DIY system is great, as long as the installation process is straightforward and uncomplicated. Try to acquire a completely wireless camera, since this will make the process tremendously easier. Frontpoint Security offers a camera system, which fits this classification perfectly.

Monitoring And Alerts

With a DIY system, you are most likely not going to be interested in professional monitoring. Instead, you’ll want to take on the responsibility yourself and monitor your own cameras. Cameras have become much more innovative and they’re now capable of providing you with alerts. If you plan on monitoring your own camera, you will want to make sure that you select a camera system, which offers comprehensive and reliable alerts.

The alerts should be delivered to your phone or email and they should be delivered rapidly. This will help to ensure that you’re able to react quickly, if an intruder attempts to infiltrate your home.

Recording Options

Although watching a camera’s stream can provide you with a bit of reassurance, it is also essential to make sure that your camera system will be able to record. In this category, you will have several options. Cameras can now record to microSD cards and the Cloud. Just remember that many of the new cameras, which record to the Cloud, will charge for their services. You may receive a week or so of Cloud storage and you will want to consider upgrading too. If you want an entirely free to use camera system, you should choose one that can record to a microSD card!


All in all, selecting a camera system is truly easier said than done. There are various elements and characteristics to consider. Some of these have been examined in greater detail above and you will want to make sure to use this information to help you make a more informed decision.

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