Training Your Family On Wireless Smoke Detectors

Published: Apr 04, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Training Your Family On Wireless Smoke Detectors

If you have decided to buy and install wireless smoke detectors in your house, it is the best time to train your family members on them.

Wireless smoke detectors and any other security equipment are meant to inform you of an emergency situation. However, the biggest responsibility is left on your shoulders as to how you will respond in the emergency situation and tackle it. If you are presently looking for wireless smoke detectors for your house, you should also take some time out of your busy schedule and train your family on the subject. Here are some of the most important things that you should tell your family before you have the wireless smoke detectors installed in the house.

Explain The Smoke Detectors To Them

There are hundreds of guides available to consumers from all around the world to know about wireless smoke detectors and all other types of security equipments. Use these guides to know about wireless smoke detectors and ask your family to take some time reading the material too. Explain to them the importance of having smoke detectors installed in the house. Security matters are serious matters and every person in the family should be aware of the basic information about security systems and solutions. It is also a good way to know about smoke detectors yourself so you can purchase the best smoke detectors in the market.

Explain Your Purchased Equipment To Your Family

Instead of going right ahead and mounting the smoke detectors on the ceiling or walls you should spend some time in knowing your purchased equipment. If you are clueless about any of the things, call the company and take help from customer support representatives. You should know how to change the batteries and how frequently you must change them. Your wireless smoke detectors will have lights, indicators, buttons and speakers on them. Know the functions of these buttons and the meaning of various indicators. Test the equipment before installing it in the house and once you have understood the newly purchased wireless smoke detectors, explain to them all that you have learned.

Tell Them About The Necessary Precautions

Let your family know of the precautions they must take to keep the wireless smoke detectors in working condition. Furthermore, let your children know of things they must not do in the house that could result in fire. Also, inform them why you have chosen certain locations for the wireless smoke detectors and caution the children not to change the locations in your absence. It is of utmost important to choose the right location for your smoke detectors. As soon as the fire starts the smoke finds the best exits from the house and it is on these exists that you must mount your smoke detectors so they can alert you in time.

Train Them On How To Face The Emergency

Naturally, your children and other weak-hearted people in the house will panic as soon as they hear a siren or alarm ringing. It is your responsibility to train them on how to react in such situations. Tell them why panicking doesn’t help and what are the first steps that must be taken in order to exit the house. Tell them about the emergency exits in the house and the use of fire-extinguisher, if you have any. If there is a monitoring service you have subscribed for, tell your children how they can get in touch with the monitoring professionals to get help in an emergency. Lastly, tell them how to silence the wireless smoke detectors if they go off accidentally or by mistake.

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