Upgrading Your Wireless Security System For The Right Reason

Published: Mar 27, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Upgrading Your Wireless Security System For The Right Reason

A basic wireless security system suffices for most homeowners but upgrading the entire system with a few extra dollars has its many advantages and benefits.

Most of the companies selling security system and monitoring services offer basic to commercial packages. Most of the times, a basic wireless security system would be enough for most homeowners but this should not stop them from upgrading their security systems. You have to pay a little more to upgrade your equipment but this upgrade has its many benefits that are invaluable. If you have a basic wireless security system installed in your house but you can afford to pay a few extra bucks for upgrading the equipment, here are a few suggested components that you should upgrade first.

Switch To A Cellular Security System

The wireless security system in your house can be switched to a security system that communicated through cellular technology. For this to happen you will be required to buy a separate transmitter that you can purchase from your current service provider. You might not have to pay a dollar extra on your current monthly monitoring bill after getting this transmitter. Your wireless security system will now communicate with the monitoring service through cellular signals that are more reliable than phone lines, internet and any other mediums used for communication between the alarm system in your house and the communication center of your service provider.

Get More Feature-Rich Cameras

Having a rigid camera for surveillance is a thing of the past. Now you can equip your wireless security system with moving and motion sensing cameras. These cameras start recording videos only when they detect motion in their range. Furthermore, they possess night vision technology to view effectively at night. They also have tilting and zooming features so you can view a bigger area with one camera and zoom in to know the small details in the visuals. The motion sensing camera saves your money on storage devices since it only records the data when there is some kind of movement in the specified range of the camera.

Get Sensors With Regulators

You can now have more advanced sensors added to your wireless security system that allows you to regulate the sensitivity. For example, you can set a sensor to send alarming signals to the control unit only when there is a certain rise in the intensity of the temperature. In this way, your sensor will not send notifications to the monitoring service or to your smartphone when you are smoking in the house. Your wireless security system will only inform you with an alert when the level of smoke in the house has gone past the level you have specified in the settings.

Get A Touchscreen Control Unit

A touchscreen control unit on your wireless security system might seem like a luxury but it is much more than that. One of the most important things that make any wireless security system a recommendable security system is its ease of use and user friendliness. The touchscreen control unit makes your security system an easy to understand and operate security system. You can change the settings of your security system with touch, swipe and glide, just the way you work on your smartphone. A touchscreen control unit is more appealing for young adults too so even they can easily understand how to operate change the settings of the security system when there’s need. You don’t even have to pay much to get a touchscreen control panel.

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