The Use of Wireless Smoke Detectors

Published: Apr 05, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Use of Wireless Smoke Detectors

Being safe against incidents such as fire starting within the house, gas leak etc is what everybody deserves. In this article we shall discuss why wireless smoke detectors are the best choice available at the market today.

A few years ago, it was not possible for people to know if a fire had started in their garage, in the middle of the night, unless and until the fire spread to their rooms where they were sleeping peacefully. Due to advancement in technology, it is now possible for people to be safe against such hazardous incidents. Wireless smoke detectors play an important role in this.

Why Choose Wireless Smoke Detectors?

There are a lot of reasons to why a customer should choose to buy a wireless smoke detector. Some of them are mentioned below.

Installation Is Simple And Cheap

Installing a wireless smoke detector at your home is a pretty simple task. As no wires have to be installed and no technician has to be hired, in order to drill holes in the walls, this makes it comparatively cheaper to install these detectors at your place. You can install a wireless smoke detector at your place by yourself.

More Reliable

You must be wondering what makes a wireless smoke detector more reliable than a wired smoke detector. In case of a fire incident, it is possible that the wires of the wired smoke detectors get burnt even before it goes off. However, this can never happen with a wireless smoke detector, which makes it more reliable.


Wireless smoke detectors all over the house are connected with each other through cellular technology. This is a very useful feature. In case, the alarm goes off in one room, all the detectors in other rooms will set off too, warning everybody in the house to leave it.

Better To Install In a Historical Building

As we all know, drilling has to be done for wires to be installed in case of a wired smoke detector. In any historical building, it is not advisable to drill holes in the walls and destroy it. So, it is better to install wireless smoke detectors in historical buildings.

Powered By Battery

Wireless smoke detectors are powered by battery. In case of a blackout, these detectors will continue to work; however, special care must be taken, as battery can die without the owner even realizing it. So, it is advisable to keep a check on the battery after few days.

Soft Warning Alarm

In a research it was found out that children who are sleeping and old people with a hearing problem might not be able to hear the loud alarms. That’s why, the wireless smoke detectors come with a soft warning alarm, which can wake children up and elders would also be able to hear it.

Manually Contacting Fire Department

Some smoke detectors do not have the feature of contacting the fire department in case something happens. This has to be done by the members of the household by themselves. People should try to buy a detector with the feature of contacting the emergency department.


Wireless smoke detectors have more advantages than disadvantages. It is advisable to install these detectors in every home. Customers should research about it properly before to satisfy their queries.

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