The Benefits Of Wearable Technology And The Best Home Automation Security System For The Elderly

Published: Aug 02, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
The Best Home Automation Security System

There are thousands and thousands of senior citizens, who clamor for their independence. These individuals absolutely love the fact that they can remain in their homes and continue living their own lives. The thought of being able to escape constant supervision is undoubtedly nice, but it also puts these elderly people at some degree of risk! The elderly face an abundance of risks each and every day. Living home alone compounds these risks enormously, but there are ways to decrease them to some degree. Below, you’ll learn how the best home automation security system and wearable technology can work together to keep independent, senior citizens safe in their own homes.

Risks Around Every Corner

As mentioned above, elderly individuals face a lot of risks in their daily lives. Even if they do not step outside of their homes, the risks are immense. Homes have an abundance of risks, including trip hazard, fire hazard, and even the potential for electrocutions. Although it is impossible to negate each and every one of these risks, children and protect their parents to some degree, by utilizing the tips below.

•Install the best home automation security system money can buy

•Equip your parent with a reliable medical alert system

•Embrace wearable technology

•Become acquainted with your parent’s neighbors

•Hire a caregiver or babysitter

By taking these actions, it will be possible to place your loved one in a much safer environment, where the risks are almost completely nullified. Of course, it is also vital to familiarize yourself with the components of the best home automation security system, as well the latest in wearable technology. Some of the best wearable gadgets for the independent senior will be examined in greater depth below.

Medical Alert Systems

The medical alert system is one of the very first and probably most vital wearable technologies available. With one of the systems from Rescue Alerts or Mobile Guardian on Call, it’ll be possible for your parent to remain in touch with help at all times. The wearable technology comes in the form of a pendant, necklace or bracelet. Once your loved one is equipped with this item and the system is setup, they’ll be able to push the button on their jewelry and immediately gain access to assistance.

In the event of a fall or medical emergency, this device will give your parent the ability to access help without delay. In some situations, it could mean the difference between life and death.

The TempTraq

The Best Home Automation Security SystemThe TempTraq is likely better suited for babies and toddlers, but it can still prove to be very helpful for elderly people, as well. By utilizing this product and the best home automation security system, it will be possible for children to monitor their parent’s temperature at all times. This can be a good way to gain a little peace of mind, since you’ll always know that your parent’s temperature is moderate. If it rises too high, you’ll be able to get them medical attention right away.


The Body Guardian

The Best Home Automation Security SystemThe Body Guardian is yet another wearable device, which can further protect your loved one. This specific device is designed to help enhance patient mobility, while delivering a wealth of data to the caregiver. The device is specifically designed to provide the doctor with cardiac event monitoring. It utilizes rhythm monitoring to help ensure that your parent’s heart is working efficiently. It also offers daily reports and end of service reports. If your parent has any heart related conditions, utilizing the Body Guardian is definitely a good idea.


Alarm.com Wellness

The Best Home Automation Security SystemOriginally, this system was known as Be Close. Now, Alarm.com has purchased the system and transformed it into Wellness. This comprehensive monitoring system could very well be the best home automation security system for the elderly. Not only does it offers a 24/7 safety net, but it also provides an emergency button, which is common amongst medical alert systems, such as Safe Guardian. First and foremost, Wellness is capable of analyzing and familiarizing itself with your parent’s activity patterns. Once it has learned their daily routine, it’ll instantly recognize when something is out of the ordinary.

The system utilizes intelligent sensors to monitor the entirety of the home and to better analyze the home’s normal activities. The system can also be used with the traditional PERS, personal emergency response wearable device. And finally, the system delivers access to home automation functionality and allows users to setup schedules for locks, lights, thermostats, and other devices. If you want to completely automate your parent’s life, while protecting them from emergencies, Wellness could prove to be a wise investment.

Active Protective Smart Belt

The Best Home Automation Security SystemMany companies have attempted to alleviate the concerns for slips and falls amongst the elderly. The mass majority of companies have followed in line with medical alert systems. Although these systems are undoubtedly helpful, they’re unable to prevent or decrease the damage incurred from the accident. This is where the Active Protective Smart Belt is different. Not only does this device offer fall detection, but also it can potentially decrease the severity of the injury.

How does it work? Well, the innovative device behaves like an airbag. When a fall is detected, the belt will trigger an internal mechanism. From there, it’ll deploy airbags, which will absorb the brunt of the impact. The manufacturer insists that the smart belt is capable of reducing the amount of damage done to the hip, by reducing impact. The device is recommended for supervised care facilities, but it can prove to be beneficial for seniors living alone.

UnaliWear Kanega

The Best Home Automation Security SystemAnd finally, there is the UnaliWear Kanega. This smart watch of sorts is capable of providing your loved one with tons of help. First and foremost, it can deliver medication reminders. If your parent has difficulty remembering to take their pills, this product is a great option. At the same time, the watch offers immediate access to emergency assistance and also utilizes fall detection technology. Even better is the fact that the system is capable of guiding your loved one home, if they wander too far.

The Kanega Watch is entirely waterproof, so it can go anywhere that your mother or father goes. All in all, it is definitely well worth checking out in greater depth.

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