What Is A Cellular Wireless Home Security System?

Published: Dec 09, 2015 at 08:00 UTC

When attempting to purchase a wireless security system for your home, you will have numerous options to play around with. Some of these systems are wireless, while others are wired. It should be known that some of the wireless systems can operate on a Cellular network. This is very important and can enhance the overall effectiveness of the system. Below, you will learn all about a cellular wireless home security system and why it might be an improvement over your other options.

What Is It?

Although this type of system might serve the same purpose as the rest, it operates in a different manner. These systems utilize a cellular network, which means that fewer wires are required. Of course, the biggest difference is the fact that an Internet connection isn’t necessary. These systems are capable of performing the same tasks, as wireless Wi-Fi security systems. In fact, they can provide you with several benefits over the others. These will be listed below.

  • No expensive Internet required
  • No extra wires are needed
  • Effortless installation in most cases
  • Can perform the same actions as the others


These benefits will be explored in more depth below.

More Reliable

According to the majority of security experts, these types of systems are actually the most reliable. These systems rely on cellular technology, which makes it more difficult for thieves to disable the alarm. Even if the phone lines are cut, your system will still be able to notify the appropriate authorities. Since the majority of these systems are capable of operating with a rechargeable battery, they’re reliability remains even when the electricity is out.

Safer and Securer

It is very challenging to find a security system that offers the most benefits, which is why you should arm yourself with the appropriate information. You will have several different connection options to select from including cellular and Internet. While many homeowners will choose Internet connection, because they are more familiar with this type of service, but you should not omit cellular connection just yet.

Cellular security technology offers a safer and securer connectivity, since the system utilizes a cellular uplink, which requires no wires except for the electrical cable. This will definitely be a much safer option, because intruders will not be able to interrupt your service, since there are no outdoor wires.

No Visibility

A cellular system can be completely hidden out of view, because it is completely wireless. Every component of the system can be hidden, which will make them more difficult to spot and disable. This helps to decrease the possibility of a thief outsmarting your security system.

Convenient Home Automation

One convenient feature that you should look for in a cellular security system is home automation. This feature allows you to control temperature, lighting, and small appliances within your home. Not only will this offer the homeowner an extreme amount of convenience, but it can also improve safety, while cutting down on energy wastes. You will have the option of switching on your A/C unit, prior to your arrival, instead of letting it operate all day long, which will slash your electric bill by 10-15%.


Overall, there is no doubt that a cellular alarm system is a great choice for all households. The benefits are enormous and they’ll improve your home’s security dramatically.

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