What Is The Best Wireless Home Security System For The Money?

Published: Dec 16, 2015 at 08:00 UTC

Are you interested in protecting your home with the most efficient security system possible? Many people are, but a lot of individuals aren’t entirely sure what to look for, when purchasing one of these systems. With the wide variety of options out there, you will likely find yourself confused and dumbfounded. Have no fear, because you will be able to find the information below to help you make the choice regarding the best wireless home security system for the money.

Characteristics To Consider

When it comes down to it, there are many aspects of the system that are important. For your consideration, some of these will be listed below.

  • Price
  • The crime rate in your area
  • The size and type of dwelling you own or rent
  • Types of features, such as night vision, audio and recording
  • Different components, such as cameras, alarms and more

Although these are a few of the characteristics to take into account, there are many others. Be sure to take the time to explore all of the home security system characteristics, before exploring the security systems below.




Simplisafe 2 Wireless Home Security System

Choosing a security system that is capable of detecting and protecting your home from various elements is vital! The Simplisafe 2 Wireless Home Security System is an excellent choice and can protect your home from all kinds of dangers. These will be listed below.

  • Highly efficient motion detection
  • An easily accessible panic button for emergencies
  • Detection for carbon monoxide
  • Freeze and water sensor
  • Entry sensors for your home’s windows and doors

Although this system doesn’t include a camera, it is still extremely effective and can protect your home from various intrusions and problems! This system is extremely easy to install and requires no commitments to utilize!

PiSector Professional Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Another excellent home security system is the PiSector. This specific system comes with a wide variety of different components and capabilities that will protect all aspects of your home! The features of this device will be provided below.

  • Auto-dial function can call up to 6 different numbers in the event of an emergency
  • Window and door gap detectors
  • Wireless siren alert
  • 2 Remote controls
  • 3 Intelligent motion sensors

Overall, this system is crammed full of devices, which will improve your home’s security greatly! It is undoubtedly one of the very best alarm systems on the market!


Frontpoint is a very popular security system that offers many benefits to the homeowner. It is a wireless system that does not require Ethernet connection or a landline phone. With no wires to worry about, you will feel safer within your home, because burglars will not be able to disconnect the security system from the wireless Internet connection.

The Frontpoint is also compatible with Android, IoS, and Window operating systems, so you can monitor everything that is going on within your home on your source device. It is also equipped with energy control features, which will allow the homeowner to adjust their A/C thermostat and switch lights on/off.

You will need to pay a low monthly fee of $35.00, which will protect your surroundings 325 days a week, 24 hours a day. Frontpoint’s call center will monitor your home and if a sensor is triggered an alert will be sent to the call center. The representative will instantly respond to the alarm.

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