Wired Vs Wireless Alarm System- Choosing the Best

Published: May 01, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Wired Vs Wireless Alarm System- Choosing the Best

Safeguarding their home is of the utmost importance to individuals and they have to decide whether to opt for the wired or wireless alarm system, depending on their budget, convenience and safety needs.

An alarm system is used by most homeowners for protecting their property and staying safe at home. Over the years, there has been considerable change in the type of alarm and security systems that can be found. A wide selection of both wired and wireless alarm system is offered by most of the security vendors today. As there is so much variety available, people can often be confused regarding the choice of the alarm system. The best way that could help them in making the right decision is to know the features of both systems and understanding the benefits or problems associated with them.


The primary purpose of alarm systems is to identify and detect the status of fire, windows, doors and room occupancy and they accomplish this with the use of sensors. When a wired alarm system is being used, physical wires are used by the sensors for communicating with the primary control panel of the security system. In contrast, a wireless alarm system does not make use of any wires at all and the physical wires are replaced by wireless transceivers.


In a wired security system, the components are separated and spread throughout the property in order to secure it properly. Wires have to be connected to the doors, windows and rooms that need to be safeguarded. As opposed to this system, a wireless one will incorporate the keypad, the control panel and the siren all in one unit. This unit can then be placed in an easy accessible location by the homeowners in order to alert security personnel if any problem is incurred.


While it is true that a wireless alarm system may typically cost more than their wired counterparts, these systems are usually considered worth the cost. The extra cost typically occurs because homeowners have to get the wireless transmitters that are needed for this kind of system and there is also a rise in the long term cost of ownership because the batteries have to be replaced by the owners periodically. However, people may actually also end up saving money when using wireless systems because they are portable and people can simply take them to a new location when they decided to shift. In case of a wired system, the whole installation process has to be performed again.


When individuals decided to opt for a wired security system for their homes, they will have to consult the security company and call their specialists or hire others who have some basic proficiency and knowledge of security systems. Holes have to be drilled around the house for installing the wires, which are usually hidden underneath floors or inside walls and the ceiling. This process may be a little bit costly for individuals. On the other hand, a wireless alarm system is quite easy to install and it is possible for homeowners to follow the manual or guideline provided by the security company and install the system themselves. No expertise is required and this can help in reducing the overall cost of the system. In this regard, it might prove to be the right choice for people to get a wireless alarm system.

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