Wireless Alarm Monitoring For Different Types Of Families

Published: May 25, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Wireless Alarm Monitoring For Different Types Of Families

Different families have different security requirements and wireless alarm monitoring serves them all today. When you are in the market looking for wireless alarm and security systems, choose the one that’s made to meet the needs of your family.

One of the many ways of shopping for wireless alarm monitoring systems is to pick one based on the type of family. For example, people with pets in the house need different type of security alarm than those who have elderly people with special medical conditions. A wireless alarm and security system for working parents, who are not present in the house for most of the time, will be different than one for parents who work in the house or have a home office. Here are the different types of sensors that are most suited for different types of families.

Families With Little Babies

If you have a little baby or more in the family, you definitely need baby monitors with your wireless alarm monitoring system. Baby monitors can be of different types i.e. audio and video. Video monitors will give you a video of your baby at all times with the help of a camera that needs to be placed in the room of your baby. Similarly, the audio baby monitors require you to have one piece of equipment with you whereas the other piece rests right beside your baby. These baby monitors are permanently activated or send you a notification when the noise level has reached a particular point specified in the settings.

Families With Pets

Families that have pets in the house need to go for wireless alarm monitoring system with pet friendly sensors. Most alarm systems will require you to have motion sensors in the house. However, your security system might start sending you notifications when a pet passes by. This situation can be annoying since you can’t keep the pet out of the house or out of a particular room all the time. Pet friendly sensors are especially designed to take care of this problem. These sensors will not ring or send you any notification when a pet passes by it. Therefore, if you have pets in the house and are currently looking for wireless alarm monitoring, base your search on pet friendly security systems.

Families With Children With Special Needs

Some families have a child or children who need special care. The presence of an autistic child in the house is a common scenario. In this case it is highly advisable that you choose wireless alarm monitoring that comes with the option of forming zones. These security systems will allow you to form zones by accessing the settings and whenever your child is about to exit that specified zone, you will be notified on your smartphone or email.

Families With Elderly Patients

Elderly patients also need special attention from you but since it is not possible to stay in the house at all times you can take help from the wireless alarm monitoring. The best wireless alarm monitoring system in this case is one with special sensors and alarms for medical emergencies. For example, you might be given a necklace or wristband with your security system that the elderly patient will need to wear. An easy to locate button needs to be pressed just once by the elderly patient to inform, relatives and the monitoring service within seconds whenever there is a medical emergency. Go for wireless alarm monitoring system with medical emergency alarms if you have an elderly in the house who needs special medical attention.

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