Does Wireless Alarm Monitoring Really Guarantee 100% Security?

Published: May 22, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Does Wireless Alarm Monitoring Really Guarantee 100% Security?

This post discusses why wireless alarm monitoring systems are becoming popular these days what makes them a secure option for houses and workplaces.

Wireless alarm monitoring is become common with the passage of time as more and more people realize its importance and value. However, anyone going for the wireless alarm monitoring for the first time would think whether or not it’s the perfect home security solution. Naturally, there’s nothing that can guarantee a 100% security of your family, belongings or property but you can always try to minimize the risks as much as you can. This is what wireless alarm monitoring does; it minimizes the risks to the minimum levels. Compared to the old wired security systems it is always best to go with the new wireless technology for communication and security.

What Makes Wireless Security Systems Better Wired Ones

When you have a wireless alarm monitoring system in place, the components at your home are quite similar to the components used in the old wired security systems. However, these components and tools have better features and they are more reliable due to the advanced technology. For example, old tools used with the wired security systems would turn off if there is a power outage but the components used with the modern security systems run on battery. Some these components solely rely on batteries while others go on battery power in case of a power outage. This makes these modern tools more reliable and practical for security at home or even in commercial settings.

No Easy Way to Disconnect

Another reason why wireless alarm monitoring is more reliable than the old methods of security and alarming is that the burglars and thieves can’t disconnect them easily. By cutting a few wires and cables the old alarming systems can be made useless. However, the new wireless alarm monitoring system setups are fully protected against such events. There are no wires for the burglars and intruders to cut and even if they start to dismantle the components inside a house one by one, it will take them a lot of time to do so. Not to mention, by the time the intruder gets close to the alarming components in an attempt to disconnect them the alarm would have already been sent to the security station of the service provider.

Your House is Never Abandoned

In most cases the burglaries and intrusions take place when the homeowners are not at home and this situation can be dealt with easily with the help of wireless alarm monitoring. You will be glad to know that many wireless alarm monitoring companies are now offering a great option of holding your keys. You can hand over the keys to the company and get them later when you return home. Furthermore, your house is fully protected even in your absence since any breaches or incidents will reach the service providers through the wireless system. Not to forget, many wireless security systems now inform you of any suspicious activities in the house on your smartphone through an SMS or call.

Easy Placement

It must also be mentioned here that due to the wireless technology in wireless alarm monitoring systems the components guarding the house can be placed anywhere you want. You are free to put them in a place where they are not visible to the intruders and anyone who tries to locate them before stealing something from the house. The signals of any distressful incident or emergency can be sent to the wireless alarm monitoring company manually by pressing a button or automatically through a signaling component of the system.

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