Wireless Alarm System Can Keep Your Home Décor Intact

Published: May 02, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Wireless Alarm System Can Keep Your Home Décor Intact

One of the many problems with hard wired alarm systems is that they require wires to enter the wall at one end and come out at the other end. This results in a lot of changes in the interior decoration of the house which is not that many homeowners like, especially women.

Whether it’s a wireless alarm system or some other technological gadget, it has to be practical enough to allow installation without causing damage to the decoration and integrity of the house. You wouldn’t like your house filled with water if some professionals are cleaning your carpets. In the same way, a security system should not ruin the decoration of your house and the beauty of your walls just because some wires need to pass through the walls. Here’s how wireless alarm system keeps your home decoration intact.

It Installs Without Requiring Any Wiring

Of course, being wireless alarm system it does not require any wires and so the installers will never drill any holes in the wall. At times there are no suitable locations available on the walls to pass the wire and so your TV, tables, couches or other furniture items have to be moved and relocated. This is not what you would expect to happen when you are having a hard wired alarm system installed in your house but there is a possibility of this happening to you too. Not to mention, you don’t have to put up with unsightly walls too. Your walls remain neat, clean and hole-free.

It Can Easily Be Accommodated

An alarm that requires wires to work must be placed in a position where wires can easily reach. If you want the components to be invisible and unnoticeable from your guests, you could have a hard time in having that wish fulfilled. In case you are persistent about where you want the alarm to be located you will have to see a long wire hanging from the back of the alarm. With wireless alarm system you don’t have to see any of that. Any component of your wireless alarm system is as free and portable as your smartphone or tablet is. You can place it where you want in the house. You can keep wireless cameras among the many items on your table so no one will be able to notice it too.

Changing Service Providers Is Much Easier

With an old hard wired alarm system you will have to change the entire equipment if you relocate and want a new service provider to provide you the alarm monitoring service. If you stay in the same hour you are likely to be informed that your old wires are not in usable condition anymore and that you need new wires. Wireless alarm system is much easier to use and in many cases you don’t need any service provider at all. You can just go to a store, buy a wireless sensor, turn it on, do a little of DIY work and get done with the work.

Redecoration Of The House Is Quite Easy

If you feel like changing the décor of your house you can easily do that when you have a wireless alarm system installed. If your wireless system works with a main unit all you have to do is keep the device close to the unit for strong signals. Since the sensors have no wires attached to them you can relocate them whenever you want and your redecoration of the house is never interrupted. On the other hand, you cannot easily move the wired sensors when you want to redecorate the house unless you pull the wires out or ask installers to do the wiring anew.

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