Is Your Wireless Alarm System A Complete Alarm System?

Published: Jun 18, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Is Your Wireless Alarm System A Complete Alarm System?

Sometimes people don’t spend enough time in researching before they buy a wireless alarm system. The consequence is that they miss a lot of great features of the modern alarm systems,which they could have availed only if they had researched properly before making their purchase.

A well-informed decision today can save you from big expenses tomorrow. If you are out in the market or online to buy a wireless alarm system, make sure that you have enough information about an alarm system to make a profitable purchase. Don’t think that a wireless alarm system only means a device that makes a loud noise when it senses a threat. Today’s alarm systems have some great revolutionary features in them but people without ample knowledge can miss and overlook these features when buying an alarm system. Have a look at the list below and make sure you don’t miss these features when you buy your first wireless alarm system.

The Feature of Watching Live Video Feed

You can now watch live video feed on your smartphone, tablet and other portable devices that have access to the internet on the go. The wireless cameras installed in your house as part of your wireless alarm system upload the video directly to the servers of your service provider. In most cases, you are asked to register on the website of your service provider and access the live videos from there. You can enter your login details and access your account to watch the live video feed from your home. This can greatly help when you want to check that the caretaker is taking good care of your elderly loved one or a child at home.

The Feature of Remotely Controlling the Alarm System

Companies selling alarm systems are paying great attention to making smartphone applications that allow their subscribers and users to control their alarm systems remotely. These easy-to-use applications are installed on your smartphone and with the press of few buttons you can control the entire alarm system. Firstly, people were only able to arm and disarm the alarm system but the technology has got so much better now. You can now know who has entered the house by receiving a notification on your smartphone. Your wireless alarm system will also allow you to lock/unlock windows and doors, switch lights on/off and control the curtains and blinds on your windows.

The Feature of Silent Alarm

The silent alarm feature is one of the best features we have on today’s wireless alarm system. With this feature you receive a notification of an accident or intrusion in the house but the loud alarm does not ring. The best benefit of this feature is when you want to catch a thief or burglar while he’s busy ransacking items in your house. Before the burglar gets to know about it, you will receive a notification on your smartphone in the form of a call or SMS and you can call the police right away.

The Feature of Monitoring Service

You don’t have to be on your toes all the time for guarding your wireless alarm system. A monitoring service can take care of this matter well. At only a few dollars a month you can add a monitoring service with your wireless alarm system and eat, sleep or go on vacation with the peace of mind that professionals are guarding your alarm system. If there is an emergency situation, they will respond to it instantly and make sure that situation is under control within a few minutes.

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