How a Wireless Alarm System Works?

Published: Sep 24, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
How a Wireless Alarm System Works?

The ideal way to protect your home and keep intruders at bay is with a Wireless Alarm System, which not only keeps intruders at bay, but also serves other purposes.

Security is an issue that’s important to every individual because they don’t want themselves, their family and their belongings to be exposed to the risk of kidnapping. An alarm or security system allows individuals to secure their homes in the best possible way. There are several types of security systems that can be seen including a Wireless Alarm System that will automatically sound off an alarm when doors, windows and other secured properties are disturbed or intruded by an unauthorized person. These wireless alarms are used by people for protecting their business and homes. These alarms are basically linked or connected to a call center that calls for confirming a break-in in order to ensure the safety of residents. There are different types of these wireless systems that can be found.

Glass Break Detector:

A Wireless Alarm System that can easily detect when glass is broken is typically used for homes and buildings that have various glass panels in the doors, walls and roof. The system responds to the sound of glass breaking as the sound discriminator picks up the sound immediately when glass is broken. As soon as a thump followed by the sound of breaking glass is heard by the glass break detector, data will instantly be sent to the control panel, which will trigger the siren or alarm. Breaking glass sounds will be detected within 30 feet from where it is kept. The alarm is either plugged into a power source or is powered by batteries.

Motion Detector:

Movement is detected by motion detectors through microwave detectors, infrared signals or a combination of both that’s called dual technology. Body heat is read by the Wireless Alarm System that comprises of an infrared detector and a signal is sent to the control panel when a temperature change within the range is detected. On the other hand, the microwave detector makes use of a microwave pulse, which figures a reflection on a moving object. Microwave electronic components and infrared signals are combined in the dual-technology detector and are used for detecting movements on a covered area. This ensures that all movements are detected and data is sent to the control panel. This particular Wireless Alarm System will either dial the police or monitoring company or sound off the siren/alarm.

Security Camera Alarm:

These camera alarm systems are fixed at certain points both outside and inside the boundary of any structure or house. When a trespassing attempt is made by aburglar or intruder, this Wireless Alarm System has a built-in sensor that will automatically get triggered and the data will be sent to alarm host. The emergency phone number will be dialed by the alarm host while the siren is sounding off. There are also a number of these wireless security cameras that tend to take pictures of the trespassers and perpetrator when they are doing the deed.

Choosing a System:

People can choose any of these systems, depending on their security needs. A Wireless Alarm System saves a lot of hassle for people in terms of installation and proves to be cost effective in the long run.

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