Why Wireless Alarms Are A Cheaper Solution Now?

Published: Apr 04, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Why Wireless Alarms Are A Cheaper Solution Now?

There are many reasons why wireless alarms are now the most affordable security solution. Their portability, installation and ease of maintenance are some of the factors that make them most affordable.

People who are now looking to get wireless alarms should be happy to know that this security solution is now available at more affordable prices than before. Even a hard wired security system is no longer a cheaper solution when compared with the wireless security systems and alarms.Right from the moment when you order wireless alarms you will be paying less than people have paid for the same security systems before and your wireless security system will be a cost effective solution in the long run too. Here’s how a wireless security and alarm system is more affordable now.

You Save The Installation Cost

You don’t have to pay for installation like you did in the past for hard wired security systems.Wireless alarms are installed within minutes and without the need of having the company send its installers at your home. The walls don’t have to be drilled and no holes have to be made to pass the electric and phone wires through them. Your wireless alarms can be put in any place where you find them suitable and they work just fine. All you have to care about is the distance of your sensors from the main control unit to maintain a good signal strength for the sensors and alarms to work properly.

You Move Without Paying Extra

You can move with your wireless alarms to any new place without paying anything to uninstall the system from your house. You are able to skip the installation cost when you move to new location too because no installation is required for your wireless alarms. In most cases, you don’t have to switch your service provider since wireless systems can work in almost any corner of the world. The systems working on GSM technology can be used virtually anywhere. Since GSM services are available almost everywhere, you don’t have to go for a new service provider no matter how far you move from your previous location.

You Can Expand Without Installation

You couldn’t have expanded your hard wired security system unless you had gone through installation again. New wires had to be brought to install the new component and these wires had to be passed through the walls. If the location was a bit odd you had to have new holes in the walls to add the new component to your existing security system. With wireless alarms you just order a new component and start using it as soon as it reaches you. You don’t have to go through the installation process at all. Unlimited expandability is one of the many highlights of wireless alarms.

You Can Cancel Without Cancellation Charges

It was a thing of the past when you couldn’t acquire wireless alarms and monitoring services unless you signed a contract. Now you can go for wireless alarms and a complete security system without entering a contract with your service provider. At any moment if you feel that your security system is not delivering what you had expected from it you can cancel the services or move to another service provider. Since there are no contracts you can make the switch without thinking for a second about cancellation charges and fees. This makes the wireless security and alarm systems more affordable and cheaper than old hard wired security systems.

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