Why Wireless Alarms are a Good Choice

Published: Apr 01, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Why Wireless Alarms are a Good Choice

The best way to secure and protect your home and belongings is through wireless alarms because they are easy to operate, have low installation costs and can be upgraded.

It wasn’t too long ago that wireless alarms had been a luxury rather than a necessity. Only the wealthy were privileged enough to install them in their homes and the rest were basically reserved for businesses that had the budget to afford the cost of the wireless technology and equipment and also the labor that was needed to install it. However, in the last few years, a variety of solutions have been developed by manufacturers so that now most of the alarm systems can not only be owned, but also installed by the average homeowner. Even though there are a lot of variations and options in wireless systems, there are some compelling reasons for owning one.

Ease and Cost of Installation:

Wireless alarms are either priced the same as traditional wired systems or may have a little higher price tag. But, the great savings that homeowners will see is in the form of the cost of installation as this system connects to the different peripherals by using battery powered radio receivers and transmitters rather than copper wires. The overall cost of these wireless systems will be reduced in the long run because it avoids the mess and time that’s needed for running the cables through the walls and also eliminates the potential cost of a professional installer. Furthermore, these wireless security systems are simple enough that they can be classified as do-it-yourself. No wire stripping is needed as there are no wires and there is no drilling either. Some basic tools, a few screws and a little patience are the things needed to get things up and running. The ease of installation also makes wireless alarms ideal as there is no need for running wires.

Growth Flexibility:

A home security system can be built in stages because of wire-free technology. As per the budget and time that you can allocate, you can easily expand your system with the help of cameras and sensors at any time and with making very little effort. Apart from that, even if individuals already have wireless alarms, it is very easy for them to add, change or expand it because it is simpler than wiring. The original design can be changed or some sensors and smoke detectors can be added to the existing design.

Expanded Security Coverage:

There is a whole range of security systems that can be found these days that make use of wireless technology. Gas and flood alarms, smoke detectors, security cameras and intercom systems can easily be incorporated into wireless alarms and this can add to the overall security and safety of homes. Wireless security devices also offer an outstanding range, which is one of the reasons that have contributed to its popularity. There is no need of external cables when a sprawling property has to be protected and secured.


Wireless security systems are just as reliable as wired ones and even more in some cases. This is because the wireless alarms are not dependent on the home’s power grid. Instead, these systems have been designed to operate with a far more reliable and robust battery power, which means that the system is always up and running.

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