Wireless Camera: A Necessity or Luxury

Published: Mar 19, 2014 at 17:24 UTC
Wireless Camera: A Necessity or Luxury

Being secured from all the harmful threats is what every man desires for his family. In this article, we shall discuss whether a wireless camera is something you should opt for or not.

It is very common for a person to be worried about the security of his/her family when he/she is not at home, especially if that person lives in an area with higher crime rate. This is where the wireless camera intervenes and helps a person keeping track of his or her family members while providing him/her with complete peace of mind. Wireless cameras usually transmit audio and video to other devices receiving the signal, they usually have one power cable. That does not mean they are not wireless. Some of them work on batteries thus making them completely “wireless.”

What Benefits Wireless Cameras Offer

Family Can Be Kept Under Surveillance

Wireless camera has made it possible for a person to keep an eye on his/her family, especially when there are guests over, or a nanny or any outsider. It comes in very handy when there are old aged adults living at his/her home and they need to be monitored carefully.

They Offer Simple Installation And Increase Resale Value Of The Property

It is a simple task to install wireless cameras, so no holes have to be drilled in the walls for wires like in the case of wired cameras. Owners can install wireless cameras in their homes by themselves without having to hire a technician for this job. Secondly, security cameras add resale value to the house, as it means more security for the potential house buyers as well.

Being Battery Powered, They Work Even When There’s No Power

Many wireless cameras are battery powered. This means that these cameras will continue to work in case of a blackout. No power breakdown can intervene with the home security of a wireless camera owner.

Some Drawbacks You Should Know About

Can Be Hacked

Wireless cameras can be hacked. So, there is no guarantee that a stranger might not be monitoring the family and its activities. This results in a lack of privacy.Secondly many people will feel uncomfortable when in a home with surveillance cameras due to this many owners keep on turning their cameras off. This can result in an off camera in the time of emergency. This is a major reason why many people do not like to install cameras within their houses.

Loss Of Signals

A disadvantage of wireless cameras is the loss of signals, which can be due to cell phone signals interfering with the wireless signals, or it can be caused by dense walls, thick floor or rainy weather. These factors can cause problems with the transmission of signals. However, this is something that isn’t seen too commonly. Such a problem can only be observed in houses built on large areas.

Battery Can Die

A battery powered wireless camera’s battery might die without its owner knowing. This results in the constant hassle of replacing and charging the battery. Special care must be kept for battery powered cameras.


Wireless cameras are advancement in the security department. A buyer should keep in view its pros and cons before buying a wireless camera. Then a proper decision should be taken according to his needs and desires.

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