How Wireless Home Security Can Save You Money

Published: Nov 12, 2014 at 08:32 UTC
How Wireless Home Security Can Save You Money

It is common knowledge that when you have a security alarm installed at your property, the cost of your home and contents coverage is reduced. While discount insurance is a definite incentive to protect your home with a security system, there is still a perception amongst some householders that home security is just too expensive an idea to entertain. If this line of thinking is one with which you can relate, then you need to turn your attention to a wireless home security system and benefit from the range of significant savings that it offers to your hip pocket.

Wireless home security in a box

Gone are the days when buying an expensive home security system meant that once it was installed, you had to leave it behind if you ever decided to ‘pack up shop’ and relocate to another property. If you were ever in this situation, then you would be all too familiar with the additional expense that is incurred when you go through the process once again of having to alarm the new property for your family’s safety. When you have wireless home security, this expense no longer exists because the system is portable and can move with you to your new destination. This cash-saving ‘system in a box’ can be taken with you wherever you live, meaning that with wireless home security, you never need to purchase a complete security system again.

DIY eliminates call out costs

When you purchase a wireless home security product, you are immediately putting money back into your pocket by saving on add-on installation costs. Wireless security is in effect a do-it-yourself package, meaning that it is made for the average home-owner to follow the included instructions and install the system within a couple of hours at most. Anyone can do this and it means that by doing so, you don’t have to concern yourself with finding additional funds to pay the security company installation and call-out charges. It also means that there is no issue with home maintenance costs from drilling holes in walls, running wires and hiring electricians to fix issues if things go awry due to poor wiring install problems.

Build only as required

Wireless home security systems are cost effective in that you are not required to purchase components that you are not likely to use for the immediate period. Wired systems were typically sold as packages with fine print and it was difficult to exclude portions that did not in some way affect the complete functioning of the system. Your portable wireless system however can be purchased as a standard unit on which you can build as dictated by your needs. You are not obligated to include medical emergency or pet motion sensitivity, for instance, unless you specifically want those features, and you are not tied into purchasing additional motion cameras and sensors that you would never remove from the box. With wired home security, you decide how much you want to pay at any point in time.

Remote monitoring savings

It may well be that of all the features of the wireless home security system, the capability to monitor your home remotely provides the greatest peace of mind, and it does so with the added bonus of allowing you to control how much cash you outlay to check in on the activity at your house. Requiring only cellular access, you can monitor your home’s security personally without needing to outlay monthly payments for the same service from a professional security company. Of course, that’s a decision that only you can make, but with wireless security, it’s nice to know that the options are there for you.

The costs do not add up

Everyone appreciates finding a good special that saves them money. Wireless home security systems are certainly the ‘special’ of the security industry. They are functional, practical and efficient without being cheap. Rather than forcing up costs for everyday running requirements, wireless property security products hand you back control of your safety and your savings.

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