Wireless Home Security Systems Are Friendlier Than Ever

Published: Apr 29, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Wireless Home Security Systems Are Friendlier Than Ever

One of the most important concepts in modern technology is that it should be user-friendly and wireless home security systems are just that.

Technology has to be user friendly and this has become a crucially important matter in the recent years. Softwares, applications, operating systems, computers, tablets, smartphones, home appliances etc. are all designed no with user-friendliness as an important concept behind their designs. Wireless home security systems are not an exception in all this and therefore the modern security systems are friendlier than ever today. So, what are those features and options that make the latest wireless home security systems so friendly today? Here’s a list of some of the options that qualify the modern security systems as user-friendly for all homeowners.

False Alarms Are Rare Now

One of the most annoying things about the old security systems was false alarms. Just a few years ago the wireless home security systems were also vulnerable and a lot of false alarms were reported but that’s not the case with today’s wireless home security systems. Today, most alarm systems have a fixed duration during which the alarm does not ring and the owner is given the time to check whether or not the alarm is authentic. If the alarm has been set off due to some error or by a pet in the house, you have the time to stop the alarm from ringing loudly. This prevents homeowners from encountering the annoying false alarm situation repeatedly.

Neighbors Don’t Have To Be Disturbed Now

Previously if you chose the loud alarm or siren option, you knew that the neighbors will also listen to the loud sound of the alarm in your house. Wireless home security systems we have today are now equipped with sirens and alarms that make a sound only loud enough to alert the people in the house. This sound does not go out of the house and wake up neighbors. It is definitely a great option to inform neighbors when there’s an emergency in the house but not all homeowners like this option. Such homeowners can go for wireless home security systems that come with the in-house sirens.

You Decide How You Receive Notifications

It’s a great option that you can now receive all the notifications on your smartphones from wireless home security systems but this can be irritating for some people. In such a case, you can go for email notifications. Every time someone comes to your house or your sensors sense the presence of someone around them, the notification will come to you through email. You can then take the necessary action of arming and disarming the alarm. You can choose the option for pager notifications too if that’s how you prefer to receive them. Some security systems will straight away make a call to your phone or to the emergency services in emergency situations.

Control Units Are Easy To Understand

By paying a few extra bucks you can opt for wireless home security systems with advanced technology. These wireless home security systems have control units that have easy-to-read LCDs and some even come with touchscreen options. This ensures that you know when the alarm is armed and disarmed, and what the settings are at any given moment by looking at the LCD. Using the control unit of the modern wireless security system is just like using a mobile phone so you don’t have to spend much time in learning how to change the settings of your alarm system on the control unit.

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