Wireless home security systems for seniors

Published: Mar 19, 2014 at 17:36 UTC
Wireless home security systems for seniors

Wireless home security systems make it possible to live alone if you are a senior but you don’t want to spend rest of your days in some old-house. These devices are designed to give you maximum security while addressing majority of your needs as a senior including medical alert and fire protection.

Although standard wireless home security systems should be good enough for seniors considering these systems provide rock-solid security, they may not address some special needs that elderly may have. Here are some ideas to enhance your security system so that you can sleep peacefully without ever having to feel alone and helpless.

Medical Alarm system

In this part of world, everyone is busy and it is tough for a working person to take out time to stay with an elderly nursing him/her. In a situation like this, technology comes to rescue. A medical alert system will let you alarm your loved ones whenever you need to get connected by just pressing a button on a device which is connected to your body. You can also send a signal to your nurse in case you need emergency assistance. Coupled with wireless home security systems, this device works wonders to keep seniors safe.

Intruder Alarm system

Wireless home security systems will become useless if they come without an intruder alarm system. Whether or not you are a senior, intruder alarm system is going to be the single most important item in your entire security system. Wireless home security system is very easy to use and it can be fixed anywhere. Although intruder alarm systems can be found with wires, it is tough to maintain a hardwired system. You won’t be able to change its location easily and if something goes wrong, you may have to call an expert to diagnose the problem with your alarm.

Surveillance cameras to monitor and communicate

If you want to monitor your entire house while sitting in your relaxing chair holding a monitoring screen, then wireless surveillance cameras are a solution. You can use them with a remote and change camera screens to view different portions of your home just like watching a TV and changing channels. The latest security cameras include a microphone that will let you talk to the person on the screen. It is extremely helpful for seniors in particular since they can’t always move around the house. Such equipment can also help you if you have a patient in your house and you want to keep an eye on him/her.

Fire protection

Wireless home security systems also contain equipments that help you against fire or carbon monoxide emission. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are an important part of home security, not just for seniors. These systems can detect the smoke and the quantity of carbon monoxide in the room. If there is something wrong, the alarm will alert you. A signal will also be sent to the fire brigade in case of fire. It can save you from burning down your home in case you can’t move around that easily.

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