When Should Wireless Home Security Systems be Used?

Published: May 21, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
When Should Wireless Home Security Systems be Used?

It is true that the best way to keep your house protected is with wireless home security systems, but they should be used in some circumstances.

For years, people have been using hardwired security systems for protecting and safeguarding their homes against the threat of intruders and burglars. These systems have worked effectively, even though there is the initial problem of installing them as it is time consuming and involves a lot of technical work that can impact the look of the house. However, with some maintenance, these systems have worked effectively. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where they may not be the ideal choice. Here wireless home security systems are a much sound option for people because of the convenience they offer and at a very reasonable price too.

Renter or Homeowner:

The first factor that makes it a better option for people to choose a wireless system is when they are renting a house. When individuals own a house, they can choose a wired system as they can get holes drilled into the walls with ease for getting the wiring done and it will also benefit them by enhancing the value of the house. However, in case they are renting a place, this sort of investment is not exactly value for money. It is not possible to take a hardwired security system with you when you move to another location. Hence, people will be leaving their system behind. On the other hand, wireless home security systems are portable and can be taken when along. Thus, when a place is rented, a wireless system is beneficial as it can be carried when people switch to another place.

Moving Plans:

People also need to consider if they have any moving plans in the near future. If they do get a wired security system, they will have to leave it behind when they leave. This means that they will have to go through the installation process all over again when they move to a new place. This is not the case when people decide on using wireless home security systems. Even if sudden moving plans are made, wireless systems can easily be lagged around to another place and installed without any time consuming and difficult process.

Mobile Access:

In today’s technology infested market, everyone uses smartphones for a variety of purposes. The good news is that these phones can also be used for controlling security systems that are installed at home. While the latest hardwired systems may be compatible with mobiles, they are not as versatile as wireless home security systems. The mobile phone can be used for turning the system on or off, locking and unlocking doors, monitor floor and water sensors, get real-time notifications of any movement or activity in the house and also receive security alerts of any sort.

Power Issues:

If your area suffers from a lot of power outages, especially during storms etc., it is best not to choose a hardwired security system because it is usually dependent on power for working effectively. In comparison, there is no dependence on power when people decide to go for wireless home security systems because they tend to use batteries to function, which don’t have to be replaced before a year’s time at least. This provides more apt security to people.

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