Why Wireless Home Video Surveillance Systems Are Great Investments

Published: May 11, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
wireless home video surveillance systems

With the ever growing popularity of wireless home video surveillance systems, millions of consumers around the globe are getting on board, as the numbers continue to grow. Living in a high crime vicinity can definitely takes its toll on any homeowner, with many not having a safer option. The wireless security camera is a godsend for these individuals and others, because they offer so many invaluable benefits. If you are in need of home security, you should definitely consider investing in one of these systems.

Multiple Cameras

In order to fully secure your home from potential home invasions, you will need a security system with 4-8 cameras. Whether your home is small or large, multiple cameras are a necessity, because there will be so many angles to cover. If you reside near a dark alley or busy intersection, you will need a camera pointing directly to that area, because this is most likely, where the burglars will come from. Just make sure that the cameras are setup in a viewable area, so you can monitor the entire premises.

Multiple Monitoring Devices

If you are married or live at home with your parents, you will not be the only one monitoring and managing the system. Most brand camera systems allow multiple users to monitor the system simultaneously from various types of devices:

• iPhone
• Tablet
• Desktop computer
• iPad

You can actually log into your system from anywhere around the world, but be sure to keep your password hidden in a very secure location. If online hackers discover your password, they will be able to control your system and watch a real time video stream of your home. This is definitely a scary thought, since these criminals may be planning a home invasion and you will not even be aware of it.

Storage Options

Many of the older security systems only offer 1 or 2 storage options. If the system is embedded with a hard drive, the event videos and images will be stored somewhere in the system. Most of the time, the hard drive with either be located in the base unit, but this component can also be found in the wireless cameras. You will also find several models that offer SD card storage and in this case, the SD slot will most often be located on the cameras, but no always.

The security camera systems that are rolling out on the market now offer Cloud storage. This type of storage is becoming extremely popular, but if you want to store a lot of data on the Cloud, you may find that a small fee is required. This storage option is very reliable and secure, plus you will be able to access your stored data any time of the day or night.


Wireless home video surveillance systems offer a higher security level around homes and businesses. These devices are much more affordable than they were 5 years ago and now almost every consumer can afford to invest in at least one system. If you are looking for a security company to monitor your system, you should definitely consider Frontpoint.

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