Wireless Intercom Service- An All Rounder

Published: Apr 21, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Wireless Intercom Service- An All Rounder

Wireless Intercom Service plays an important role in one’s life. Let’s take a look at the pros, cons and the areas it is helpful.

A wireless intercom is a tele-communication device that helps us communicate with others without the need of wires between stations. They are portable and the intricacy and confusion of a wired network is avoided making communication much easier.

With unprecedented progress in technology, we have witnessed many new inventions or modulations of the already existent product covering the deficit in the older one. Thanks to these augmentations, we have many types of wireless intercom systems available in the marketplace. There are many wireless intercom systems that exchange information vide radio waves using the frequencies allotted to them where as some communicate through AC electrical wiring.

Pros and Cons:

Wireless intercom service is a great substitute for a wired network. The thought of enabling a wired intercom service in a building itself is highly skeptical; then imagine its implementation. Leaving the imagination to you, I also point out that the portability of a wireless intercom service makes it stand among the crowd. A battery powered intercom can connect people at long distances. There is no need to worry about wiring or maintaining the rather weird circuit systems. As it is said, every invention carries with it a pro and a con, this wireless intercom service also has disadvantage. That is the possibility of the signal getting intervened by various factors. Other wireless devices may hinder the radio signal. There are many versions that have the ability to reduce the effect of interference by using “digital spread spectrum”. Actually, wired intercom conversations are by default private. Should they be tapped, it’s a different case where it becomes public. But, as the wireless intercom services transfer information through signals, they can be listened by other users with similar devices like scanners, cordless telephones, baby monitors or the same branded wireless intercom.

Uses of The Intercom Service

It is commonly taken granted that a wireless intercom system can be found in the hands of a police personnel or a security person but of late it has become a fad or maybe a usage because of requirement that it can be seen in almost every house. People are realising the simplicity of life with a wireless intercom in the hand. I now point out some important reasons supporting the need of a wireless intercom in the hands of every individual.

1) Convenience

Let us consider a mother cooking food in the kitchen. Everything is ready and yummy dish is awaiting you and your exhausted mother has to drive everyone to the dining table. Poor lady!!!! This is where the wireless intercom service plays a key role. Just a “dinner ready guys” message will fetch you guys to the table. This is an ideal example where a wireless intercom service helps you announce the news to almost everyone (Leave those who are sleeping).

2) Security

Security is an important factor to lead a happy life. Suppose a fire breaks in your living room, you can warn everyone almost instantly. Some wireless intercom services carry with them a facility of instant connection and also the chance to see every room.

These are only a few examples. Wireless intercom services have uses in many ways, thanks to the flexibility it has. Many systems rely mostly on batteries and many are also equipped with audio visual features making them more versatile and interesting. According to me, it is nothing less than an important accessory.


At last in few words it can be said that a wireless intercom service helps us in all ways possible and is an important inclusion to the human necessities.

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